• WEX Exchange Trades Bitcoin at $8,000 but Its Cause Remains Unclear

    The current Bitcoin price is not looking too healthy. Immediate changes are not to be expected at this time. On the WEX trading platform, the value per BTC briefly spiked to $9,000. A very unusual turn of events, especially because the global average is hovering near $6,200. WEX Bitcoin Price Makes No Sense People were […]
  • Bitbank Launches a Bitcoin Lending Service With Annual Interest Rates

    Borrowing and lending cryptocurrencies is not a new business model. Several companies try their hand at such a service with varying degrees of success. Japanese exchange Bitbank aims to do things a bit differently with its native Bitcoin borrowing program. The New Bitbank Lending Venture Japanese exchanges play a critical role in the world of cryptocurrency, […]
  • Engages Its Community For Stress Testing Of Unique Crypto Exchange …Live Launch Imminent

    Tuesday 12 June 2018, Lugano Switzerland, announces that its highly anticipated crypto to crypto online exchange is approaching launch, with thanks to its valued community members. The Beta version, which was released in May 2018 is currently being stress tested by over 200 community members, comprising of crypto fans, technical testers, blockchain developers and […]
  • Golix Resumed Bitcoin Trading Despite Cryptocurrency Ban by the Central Bank

    Cryptocurrency is a very interesting industry to keep an eye on. Despite the negative attention regarding volatility, hacks, and criminal activity, good news occurs on a regular basis as well. In Zimbabwe, a decision by the RBZ has been reversed, which allows the Golix exchange to resume trading. A positive development for the cryptocurrency industry in this part […]
  • Lisk Developers Solve Network Issues Without Loss of Funds

    Issues are not all that uncommon in the world of cryptocurrency. Unfortunately, it seems major problems become more apparent in the year 2018. The Lisk network, for example, suffered from a non-working blockchain for several hours. The issues are rectified, yet it still highlights the fragile nature of this ecosystem. The Lisk network issues caused a fair […]
  • Ford Patents a new Cryptocurrency System for Car-to-car Communication

    There has been a growing influx of new cryptocurrencies as of late. Various projects and companies want their own token to perform specific tasks. It now seems Ford is thinking along the same lines, at least as far car communication is concerned. A patent has been filed for this specific venture, although nothing has been […]