• Meet LEE. This Research Bot Saves Time Spent on Data

    Research by Combining AI with Blockchain With the current information overload, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find quality data quickly, this makes business research time-consuming. Whether professionals use public search engines or private subscriptions, finding the right data point in a sea of sources is labour intensive. This is what this LEE is trying […]
    • by Simon Sliman
    • May 14, 2018
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  • DeHedge

    DEHEDGE: A RISK-FREE ZONE FOR CRYPTOCURRENCY INVESTORS Pioneering project DeHedge set to securitize cryptocurrency market with its risk-hedging platform Blockchain fintech company DeHedge, established by Skolkovo graduates and successful investors from Russia: Michael Chernov, Bogdan Leonov, and Dmitry Ansimov are poised to be the first on the global market to provide securities and insurance services […]
    • by Michael Chernov
    • May 14, 2018
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  • Bountie

    How Bountie Can Change Online Gaming’s Current Ecosystem Esports. That’s a buzzword we’ve been hearing all day since the Counter-Strike series, the Quake series, and the WarCraft series (and its Dota mod form) made it popular in the late 90s. And yet it’s the one that draws the most attention. Let’s start with a general […]
    • by Marc Bell
    • May 14, 2018
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  • VideoCoin ICO – A New Blockchain Protocol

    Overview Video is 80% of Internet traffic and consumed by 2.15 billion people every month. In 2017, $12.5 billion in revenue was generated from video streaming. VideoCoin plans to disrupt the video market by creating a decentralized video infrastructure network that will provide end-to-end cloud-video services. This includes video encoding, storage and a content delivery […]
    • by Aziz Zainuddin
    • May 6, 2018
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  • Welcome to Essentia

    The last two years have witnessed an explosion in the number of decentralized apps, platforms, and blockchains. These systems promise to restore the privacy, security, and control that is sorely missing from the web we use today. Individually, each of these applications addresses a very specific issue and solves a very particular problem. The trouble […]
  • The RootProject

    In less than three weeks, a new nonprofit is set to crowdfund upwards of tens of millions of dollars to directly help underserved communities, tackle homelessness and confront the growing opioid crisis gripping communities across the country – through the power of cryptocurrency. While crowdfunding a few thousand dollars for social good projects is not […]
  • Blockchain and the “Innovation Nation”

    The “Innovation Nation” is not resting on her laurels – LiDAR, nanotechnology, AR/VR, agritech, robotics, UAVs, optics, cybersecurity and digital health. And the next technological front to conquer is certainly blockchain. If you ask the avid entrepreneurs at the “Israeli Blockchain Tower” in Ramat Gan, they would tell you that Israel is about to become […]
  • Meet BrainerZ This Blockchain Startup Targets Trivia Addicts and Crypto Enthusiasts with the World’s First Knowledge-Based Playground

    BrainerZ is the world’s first knowledgebased gaming platform operating on blockchain, allowing users around the world to compete in skills-based microgames and earn BRNZ tokens. We call the BrainerZ platform a “skills-based playground,” where winning depends on knowledge, skills, and curiosity. BrainerZ will create a new way for people to use their cryptocurrencies, letting crypto-gamers […]
  • BandZ: The Global Extranet!

    Paying homage to the dot-com bubble is of the late 90s, the ICO craze is now in full force and every skeptic, nay-sayer, pessimist, expert and prophet is in the fray. Every participant is looking to restructure existing industries via new, decentralized business models with the hopes of getting hundred and even thousand-fold returns on […]
  • Robotina ICO: A Game-Changer in Energy Management Reached the Soft Cap

    Robotina, an innovation and control technology company, recently launched an ICO campaign aiming to raise $28,5M for further development and community growth of it’s IoT platform. This platform is already helping to solve the issues of rising electrical energy prices, growing electrical energy consumption and costly maintenance of electrical grid stability. Having already reached $10M […]
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