• Meet BrainerZ This Blockchain Startup Targets Trivia Addicts and Crypto Enthusiasts with the World’s First Knowledge-Based Playground

    BrainerZ is the world’s first knowledgebased gaming platform operating on blockchain, allowing users around the world to compete in skills-based microgames and earn BRNZ tokens. We call the BrainerZ platform a “skills-based playground,” where winning depends on knowledge, skills, and curiosity. BrainerZ will create a new way for people to use their cryptocurrencies, letting crypto-gamers […]
  • BandZ: The Global Extranet!

    Paying homage to the dot-com bubble is of the late 90s, the ICO craze is now in full force and every skeptic, nay-sayer, pessimist, expert and prophet is in the fray. Every participant is looking to restructure existing industries via new, decentralized business models with the hopes of getting hundred and even thousand-fold returns on […]
  • Robotina ICO: A Game-Changer in Energy Management Reached the Soft Cap

    Robotina, an innovation and control technology company, recently launched an ICO campaign aiming to raise $28,5M for further development and community growth of it’s IoT platform. This platform is already helping to solve the issues of rising electrical energy prices, growing electrical energy consumption and costly maintenance of electrical grid stability. Having already reached $10M […]
  • 10 Hacker-Proof Steps to Secure Your Crypto Assets

    The purpose of this post is to help you understand — in 10 steps — how you can reduce, to the minimum, the chances of an attacker gaining access to your private passwords. Furthermore, you will learn how to store your keys and never lose access to your wallet(s) regardless of the situation. According to […]
  • Company Financing on the Blockchain

    CRWD Network – A decentralized network protocol for issuing and managing the tokenized equity offerings of SMEs, start-ups and real estate projects CONDA is concerned with streamlining and standardizing the full M&A (Mergers & Acquisitions) process so that everyone can invest in innovative companies, even if their initial investment is small. The blockchain allows us […]
  • Koinon Bringing Payments Into the Crypto Age

    It’s no secret that one of the primary factors slowing the growth of cryptocurrency is the fact that it has not yet caught on as a viable method of payment for everyday transactions. Until cryptocurrency is adopted by a sufficient number of both consumers and merchants as a payment mechanism, all the revolutionary blockchain technology […]

    SUMMARY Let’s start from the beginning. What is KYC? “Know your customer” involves a set of identity processes’ where an organization demonstrates to regulators that they have assessed various risks. These risks include – money laundering, terrorism financing, credit worthiness and product suitability. These checks must be carried prior and throughout any business relationship with […]
  • Can Blockchain Save Us From the AI Apocalypse?

    How Blockchain Technology Can Ensure Trustworthy Software Bots Each week brings another announcement on the progress of artificial intelligence. The rapid pace of growth has created significant concerns about our future relationship with AI. Will AI replace us? How can we control rogue AI-powered bots, or prevent them in the first place? Interestingly, blockchain may […]
  • Enecuum and its strategy of sensible balance

    The world is full of radical choices, and we must accept it as an inevitable reality. For example, if you must deliver a sum of money, you have a choice: go in a sports car and complete the task as fast as possible or rather choose security and safety while sacrificing the speed of delivery. […]
  • Viewly’s Presale Sells Out, Raises Nearly $8 Million With New and Notable Creators On-Board

    Viewly plans on introducing its new alpha and Chrome extension during its public token sale window Viewly raised nearly $8 million in the private pre-sale portion of its ICO, and is currently holding its public token sale. Viewly’s crowdsale will run until a hard cap of $12 million has been reached, or until March 22. In the coming […]
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