• GastroAdvisor: The first global recommendation platform for restaurants and dining venues based on the Ethereum blockchain.

    Have you ever been disappointed with a restaurant the internet recommended you? Have you ever been annoyed with the long list of uncountable restaurants making it hard to choose where to eat? If the answer is yes, then we have the solution for you! GastroAdvisor (GA) is a registered trademark born in Switzerland in 2016. […]
    • by Alessandro Meo
    • July 21, 2018
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  • Game Protocol: Crypto Fundraising for Games

    Over 65% of American households are home to someone who plays video games regularly. Video game revenue is growing fast and has grown by 10.7% in 2017. The $115 billion-dollar industry does have its flaws though. Most of the games in development are never completed & released to the public. This is something which applies […]
    • by Jonathan Ganor
    • July 21, 2018
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  • What’s the future of exchanges

    Cryptocurrency exchanges have seen a massive growth in numbers over the past year, although, exchanges constantly evolve and improve and there are many challenges ahead. At the moment, most users join the crypto space via one of the major exchanges as they act as the main entry point. If we want to trade, we mostly […]
    • by Michiel Mulders
    • July 21, 2018
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  • Crypto platform to tokenise multi-billion franchise industry

    2018 is a big year for blockchain with no sector exempt from the tidal waves of the fourth revolution where technological innovation reenacts the powerful words of 20th century political economist, Joseph Schumpeter, “creative destruction is the essential fact about capitalism.” For years the multi-billion dollar franchise industry has been booming along with the upbeat […]
  • CVerification will be showcasing their HR platform at Bits & Pretzels

    CVerification takes part in the prestigious Bits & Pretzels conference, 30th Sept — 2nd Oct 2018, Munich, Germany. Start-up pitch presentations and hands-on product demonstrations will concisely inform attendees on core product technologies and company values. Founder and CEO Milko Filipov, Cofounder and CTO James Lawton as well as Cofounder and CIO Evgeni Pirianov look forward to […]
    • by Milko Filipov
    • July 20, 2018
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  • AirXcoin empowers the Airline Business world

    A paradigm shift for the Airline Industry airXcoin’s innovative vision brings a revolutionary change to the Airline industry and is a step ahead in the air travel world. What is interesting is that the airXcoin model not only embraces the new digital era with ease, it also offers a technological strategy that boosts productivity, efficiency […]
    • by Ashendra Liyanage
    • July 16, 2018
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  • Phantasma Protocol (SOUL) ICO Analysis: Next-Gen Decentralized Content Storage and Distribution

    Project Description Over the past few years, cloud storage has turned out to a highly functional technology. By allowing users store their files online and be able to access them whenever, from wherever, and with whatever device they want, cloud storage has grown very popular. To make uploaded files readily available, however, the companies that […]
  • NuCypher (NU) ICO Analysis: A Data Encryption Protocol for the Blockchain

    Project Description There is a certain limitation when it comes to storing and maneuvering private and encrypted data on blockchains, and NuCypher seeks to remove this limitation. The NuCypher project is a decentralized KMS — key management system — that will supposedly allow users store private data on a public blockchain and secure it with encryption. The protocol will […]
  • Kowala (mUSD) ICO Analysis: An Autonomously Stabilized Cryptocurrency

    Project Description For all the advantages that they bring as payment options, cryptocurrencies are notoriously volatile. To curb this volatility, a number of solutions have been proffered by a number of cryptocurrency projects with most of them attempting to deliver a stablecoin that has its value pegged to the US dollar. However, even the most […]
  • OSA DC’s Services That Renovate Retail

    Supply chains are incomplete without an effective and efficient route to the customer. Environmental concerns, corporate social awareness, good product conditions, packaging, and on-shelf availability of products — these elements increase competition from the upstream through downstream supply chain, providing the ultimate economic value to customers. Control over supply chains is a determining factor for competitive performance […]
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