• OSA DC’s Services That Renovate Retail

    Supply chains are incomplete without an effective and efficient route to the customer. Environmental concerns, corporate social awareness, good product conditions, packaging, and on-shelf availability of products — these elements increase competition from the upstream through downstream supply chain, providing the ultimate economic value to customers. Control over supply chains is a determining factor for competitive performance […]

    Opening locks via the blockchain. OkeyDokey is a platform for smart contract embedded IoT devices e.g. smart locks to autonomously rent and sell anything it controls. By creating an ecosystem for secure and autonomous transactions, OkeyDokey will transform how we rent and share things in our community OkeyDokey puts emphasis on automated IoT device controlled […]
  • Decentralized Electronic Medical Records?

    Three Ways Blockchain can Remove Blocks to Medical Care by Alex Lightman  How much time do U.S. primary care physicians spend face-to-face with each patient? On average, between 13 and 20 minutes. How much time is spent updating Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) for a primary care appointment? On average, about 20 minutes. How much time […]
    • by Alex Lightman
    • May 25, 2018
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  • A Unified Voice for the Blockchain Industry Introducing DATA, the Digital Asset Trade Association.

    A conversation between Alex Lightman and Alanna Gombert, Steering Committee, DATA 1.What does DATA stand for and who does DATA stand for? DATA stands for the Digital Asset Trade Association and we seek to offer a unified credible legitimate voice for the 3,000 or so companies working hard to make the world a better place […]
    • by Alex Lightman
    • May 25, 2018
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  • Bubblo empowers the next level decentralized discovery platform

    Meet Bubblo Bubblo is an intelligent discovery app. It harnesses the AI power to help users discover their very own personalized TOP 5 venue recommendations. Bubblo is also able to help businesses develop a real-time advertising presence which they can track via automatic anonymous check-ins. The Bubblo App integrates both the digital and physical aspects […]
    • May 25, 2018
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  • WIZBL, Fastest and Most Scalable Blockchain is here

    Do you own Bitcoins? If you do, this means you have faced the trouble of being in the waiting list for sending them, although you have paid money to do so. It is a hassle to have to wait only for confirmation status of transactions- this is what we call a scalability problem. Although blockchain […]
  • NOBAR – driving the usage of crypto in everyday lives

    Do we know how many cryptocurrency exchanges are out there? There may be 500 exchange websites worldwide where the daily trade volume is as high as 3 billion, for example in Binance. So why are the exchanges such a hot cake in the crypto market? The answer is obvious. Users are more driven into short […]
    • by Saloni Jain
    • May 18, 2018
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  • Enecuum

    Proof-of-Activity as a promising algorithm of work Author: Jev Vainsteins, CBDO Enecuum Responsible for business development of Enecuum platform. Ex Huawei IT Solutions Sales Executive Responsible for Cloud in EMEA Global Solution Elite Team. BD Exec Cloud Evangelist, Blockchain Enthusiast, ICO & VC Advisor. 16-years’ experience in technical marketing. Blockchain is more than just another […]
    • by Jev Vainsteins
    • May 17, 2018
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  • CryptoLeaf

    Crowdfunding a Better environment Crowdfunding and its issues Crowdfunding is a method of building capital for a concept or business by collecting many smaller contribution, mostly via an online sourcing platform. This form of alternative financing has become very popular with online platforms such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo. In 2015 a whopping US$ 34 billion […]
    • by Jon Gruda
    • May 17, 2018
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  • Overview of CargoCoin

    What is the goal of CargoCoin? The overarching goal of the CargoCoin platform is to optimize interactions in the international trade industry. This includes the interactions between traders, freight forwarders, shipping lines, booking agents, and various other groups that are involved in the process of international trade/transport of cargoes. The CargoCoin platform provides businesses with […]
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