• Resistance Reimagines the DEX Experience

    The rise of the distributed exchange has long been predicted by a wide range of leading industry figures. Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance has been quoted as saying: “I believe that decentralized exchanges are the future. I don’t know when that future will come. But we’ve got to be ready for it.” However, not all […]
  • HealthDex – Unleashing the Power of Health Data

    The health sector is undergoing a revolution fuelled by ‘big data’. The amount of health data in the world is growing so rapidly that it is expected to double every 73 days by the year 2020. [1] Whilst the health sector has always generated huge amounts of data, this data has only relatively recently started […]

    FITBLOX aims to revolutionize the health and fitness industry by creating an incentive-based social experience that rewards healthy behaviour. Using distributed ledger technology, they aim to provide a safe, secure and private medium of exchange between fitness enthusiasts and strategic partners within their ecosystem. FITBLOX, unlike centralized fitness tracking applications and social media networks, gives […]
  • dGram: Standard Disruption, Crypto Innovation

    dGram announces a 100% gold bullion-underwritten cryptocurrency which harnesses the blockchain to fuse the safe harbour of the gold standard with the convenience and investment upside potentials of cryptocurrencies. Paired with a speculative growth token, with a prescribed growth / inflation path underpinned by a token-based value-enhancing revenue shares from dGram’s mining operations. dGram is […]
  • Banking-the-Unbanked with Algorithmic Trading

    One of the core promises of Blockchain technology is the democratization of financial markets. While the early focus in Blockchain has been on topics such as payments, banking access for the unbanked and censorship-proof digital currency, one huge elephant in the room has gone unnoticed: “In today’s equities markets, at least 65-70% of trading volumes […]
  • The Crypto Friendly Global Political Movement

    Politicians and cryptocurrencies don’t have a history of getting along that well with each other. The world of crypto in many ways poses an existential threat to those who hold government office and the banks whose hegemony they help maintain. However, across the globe there are political movements popping up that are crypto and DAO […]
  • How to accelerate the adoption of blockchain technology? With online games of course!

    The world currently sits on the cusp of a blockchain revolution. There is a growing desire for people around the world to free themselves from the shackles of authoritarian single points of failure and democratise and decentralize the money system. We will redefine how we perceive value. 2017 was a significant milestone for the world […]
  • What is EOS?

    EOS stands for Ethereum Operating System. It is a blockchain based platform for the development of decentralized apps or DApps. Built on the Ethereum network it extends the functionality of the Ethereum network. It provides an operating system like range of services and functions that DApps can utilize. The concept behind EOS is to combine […]
  • Soluna

    Crypto mining is an energy intensive business and is increasingly becoming an environmental issue. Mining operations in China are often powered by fossil fuels. But can crypto help kickstart a green energy revolution. One company believes so and have an ambitious plan to generate green energy to mine crypto in one of the windiest and […]
  • Incodium

    The cryptocurrency market is among the most rapidly growing sectors of the global economy. Representing over $200 billion USD in value. As the cryptocurrency market expands new threats have arisen including scam projects and also hacking incidents on cryptocurrency exchanges. Hacking erodes confidence and represents the main threat to the value of cryptocurrencies. Efforts to […]
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