• The fall and rise of Mt Gox

    The saga of Mt. Gox has gone down as one of the most memorable episodes in cryptocurrency history. Recently the saga has taken a positive twist that may provide the hacking victims with their very much needed happy ending. The Japanese exchange’s creditors can now file rehabilitations claims. Due to the explosive growth of bitcoin […]
  • Space Exploration and Blockchains

    Launching a rocket into space is a complex business. It is as they say – rocket science. However, rocket science is not the only thing that needs to be taken into consideration when planning a space mission. A space mission is one of the largest and most costly logistical operations mankind is capable of. Behind […]
  • Proof of Work, Stake and Authority

    As the world of crypto matures, different methods of maintaining blockchain consensus have arisen. There is intense debate in the crypto community about the strengths and weaknesses of the different methods suggested. The winners of the consensus algorithm battle will shape the entire future of the crypto ecosystem. Consensus algorithms in public blockchains are required […]
  • LLoyds of London explores crypto-insurance

    CipherTrace, a blockchain security firm recently reported that $731 million US dollars worth of cryptocurrency was stolen from various exchanges during the first half of this year alone. Last year’s losses across crypto exchanges totalled approximately $266 million as a result of hacking. As the first half of 2018 represented an almost three-fold increase in […]
  • Free Society and Floating Cities

    Cryptocurrencies history is heavily intertwined with the libertarian movement. Many early adopters and current players in the market believe that government should only have minimal influence in the lives and financial choices of its citizens. They believe in the separation of banking and state, with decisions made bottom up by the citizens rather than by […]
  • Ethereum Standards Explained

    Until July 2015, when Ethereum was created, building a blockchain application required complex coding skills, an in depth understanding of cryptography and mathematics as well as some significant resources. At its most basic Ethereum can be described as an open source software platform based upon blockchain technology. It gives developers the ability to build and […]
  • Do hard forks damage crypto?

    Forks in software terms are a relatively common thing. Despite how frequently they occur most people do not fully understand what a fork is. In the world of cryptocurrency there are several different types of forks. A “fork” is a term that is used to describe a divergence to the underlying blockchain protocol. Essentially it […]
  • China leads blockchain patent war

    China is a country that historically flouted intellectual property rights. However, research by Thomson Reuters shows that China is now dominating the intellectual property rights arms race. In 2017 roughly, 56 percent of the 406 blockchain patents issued around the world were of Chinese origin. The United States came in second with only 22 percent. […]
  • Blockchains and Genomics

    The Human Genome Project (HGP) was an international research program whose goal was to completely map and understand of all the genes of human beings. All our genes together are known as our “genome.” The HGP represented the culmination of the history of genetics research. In 1911, Alfred Sturtevant, an undergraduate researcher at the laboratory […]
  • Blockchain and Organised Religion

    Crypto enthusiasts often seem to have an unshakable faith in blockchain and are often considered to be similar in nature to a cult to the non-believers. They could be considered to worship the elusive and enigmatic figure that is Satoshi Nakamoto. Matt Listons project 0xΩ (Zero ex Omega) has been reported on by many journalists […]
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