• Should stock exchanges be worried about blockchain?

    As of mid 2017, the total market capitalisation of the world’s stock markets was around US$76.3 trillion. By country, the largest market was the United States (about 34%), followed by Japan (about 6%) and the United Kingdom (about 6%). There are currently around 60 stock exchanges globally. Traditional stock markets are centralized, expensive and have […]
  • How will blockchain play out in the Energy / environmental commodity sectors?

    The global energy industry is huge. Around 10% of global expenditure is currently spent on energy. Vast swathes of our current energy infrastructure were developed a long time ago and aspects of regulation designed up to 100 years ago. There are massive inefficiencies across the entire energy ecosystem. When you consider energy produced that is […]
  • Getting your ICO listed

    During the 1849 California Gold Rush, few prospectors found enough gold to make themselves rich. Most of the people who made money back then were those who sold shovels, jeans, tents, pickaxes and the likes of, to the miners at astronomical prices. Fast forward to today’s ICO gold rush and you will find that many […]
  • Can blockchain and formal exchanges co-exist?

    The reason formal centralized exchanges exist within the crypto and wider financial system is simple. It all boils down to trust, reputation and ease of access to a given market. When a single entity manages the transfer of assets between 3rd parties it reduces a lot of the opportunities for confusion and fraud. New blockchain […]
  • AI and the Blockchain

    What happens when you take two of the hottest current technologies, AI and blockchain and combine them? AI and blockchain are still both experimental technologies and whilst both have incredible potential, either could ultimately end up disappointing. Exploring the intersection of both technologies could well prove futile. In tech, a game changing development tends to […]
  • The quest to future-proof the next generation protocol

    The quest to future-proof the next generation protocol If 2017 was the year the ICO emerged as the first killerapp of the blockchain, 2018 has given birth to the next generation protocol. As limits to transaction speed and scaleability continue to plague the king and queen of blockchains, Bitcoin and Ethereum, newcomers including Hashgraph, Universa, […]
  • Proof of Location – FOAM – The Future of Geospatial Data

    Let’s introduce FOAM, a project that has been ongoing for two years and is coming out of stealth mode. FOAM has developed a new kind of protocol – Proof of Location (PoL). FOAM is an open protocol for geospatial data markets on the Ethereum blockchain. Trust issues in today’s geolocation tools Brandon Goblirsch, community manager […]
  • Blockchain Security – Penetration Testing

    Many new blockchains are being created, but what about the security aspects? Blockchain is claimed to be ultra-secure, and not many people have doubted this statement. Blockchain developers can become quite creative in building new platforms, but, leaving room for errors, which is normal. In addition, modern software development, especially in the ICO space, is […]
  • Five Tips to Make Your Airdrop A Success

    Crypto follows no rules, regulations, or constructs of the typical market. It has its own mind, own systems, own set of ethics, and own ecosystem. In the world of crypto, we have concepts such as airdrops. It’s actually giving away free money. The simplest version of an airdrop is where a user has to register […]
  • Exploring The Block

    FMW Media Works Corp. produces “Exploring the Block” the new program which features the best and brightest in the blockchain industry today! The show features Docademic the healthcare start-up that offers a form of free basic healthcare for the world and enables scientific research of healthcare data for the masses, which will revolutionize the world […]
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