• Bank Of Canada Says Bitcoin Awareness, Usage Are Up

    A recent staff analytical note from Canada’s central bank points to increased bitcoin knowledge and utilization across the country. This month, the Bank of Canada, the country’s central bank, released a staff analytical note analyzing the results of a survey it conducted to assess the Canadian population’s general awareness of bitcoin. The survey took place […]
  • ETHNews Exclusive | SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce On Town Hall Meeting

    In an effort to open its doors to the public and interact directly with investors, the SEC will host a town hall meeting to discuss investor topics, including the cryptocurrency industry. “One of the things I truly believe in is that investors can make their own decisions.” – Commissioner Hester Peirce In May, the Securities […]
  • ETHNews Exclusive | Gavin Wood On Polkadot, A Broken Internet, And The Future Of Crypto

    Gavin Wood is somewhat of a controversial figure in the blockchain ecosystem. While the English computer scientist is famous for coding the first functioning implementation of Ethereum in January 2014 (PoC-1), inventing the Solidity contract programming language, and writing the highly technical Ethereum Yellow Paper, he is also infamous for leaving the Ethereum project to […]
  • Coinbase Deactivates WikiLeaks Cryptocurrency Account

    Late Friday, WikiLeaks, the organization known for divulging government secrets, posted via Twitter that San Francisco-based exchange Coinbase had “blocked the official @WikiLeaks shop from its platform without notice or explanation.” The WikiLeaks tweet was accompanied by a clip from what appears to be Coinbase’s official deactivation notification. WikiLeaks Shop ✔@WikiLeaksShop ANNOUNCE: Coinbase has blocked […]
  • DNS Cache Poisoning Attack Affects MyEtherWallet Servers

    Early this morning, servers providing domain name system (DNS) service to MyEtherWallet (MEW), the client-side software interface for interacting with the Ethereum blockchain, fell victim to a hack that utilized DNS cache poisoning (or spoofing) – a means of hijacking Border Gateway Protocol (BGP). Couple of DNS servers were hijacked to resolve  users to […]
  • J.P. Morgan Hit With Lawsuit Over Cash Advance Fees Related To Cryptocurrency Purchases

    On Tuesday, a Chase credit card customer filed a lawsuit against the company for unexpectedly charging his cryptocurrency investments as high-interest cash advances rather than normal purchases, a possible violation of the federal Truth in Lending Act. In the original version of this article, I suggested that Chase Bank classified cryptocurrency purchases made using credit cards […]
  • Subsidiary Of Russian State-Owned Bank May Conduct Cryptocurrency Pilot

    A board member with Gazprombank has revealed that the financial institution could run a cryptocurrency-related pilot in Switzerland through a local subsidiary there. According to reports from Russian media, the state-owned Gazprombank, which was founded by the majority state-owned oil giant Gazprom, might conduct a small cryptocurrency pilot in Switzerland through a subsidiary later this […]
  • New EIP Suggests Ethereum Hard Fork For ASIC Resistance

    Leading Ethereum developers are currently debating whether to hard fork the blockchain in order to implement a change aimed at undercutting the effectiveness of expensive, tailor-made mining equipment. In light of reports that the Chinese tech firm Bit main “has already developed” an Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) designed for the purpose of mining Ether, members of […]
  • Intel’s Application For A Patent Relating To Cars And Blockchains Published

    Intel filed a patent application, which was recently published, for a system that would allow vehicles to transmit data to third parties in a way that protects the driver/owner’s privacy. The system would accomplish this, in part, by using blockchain technology, private key encryption, and zero-knowledge proofs. In late 2016, the technology and manufacturing giant […]
  • ESMA Institutes 2:1 Leverage Limit For Cryptocurrency CFDs

    On Tuesday, the European Securities and Markets Authority published leveraging standards for CFDs and barred the sale of binary options to retail investors. On March 27, 2018, the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) announced a range of measures for financial derivatives products, including a 2:1 leverage limit for cryptocurrency-related contracts for differences (CFDs). Other agreed-upon […]
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