• ‘Exchange Without Accounts’ ShapeShift Switches To Account Model

    In a September 4 ShapeShift post, CEO Erik Voorhees released details about the exchange’s new membership offering, which he described as “an advanced loyalty program.” There are five membership levels, with the first level free and available to all users. The remaining four will be released in the future. Although membership is currently optional, Voorhees […]
  • ConsenSys Academy Teams Up With Coursera To Offer Foundational Blockchain Course

    It’s one thing to work in the blockchain ecosystem as an individual with a technical background. It’s another to stare at the space from the outside, wondering what everybody is up to and whether it’s possible to join the action. ConsenSys, keen to be a leader in blockchain education, has taken another step toward bringing […]
  • Jared Polis Wants To Make Colorado A Blockchain Hub

    he Democratic gubernatorial candidate hopes blockchain technology can improve the lives of all Coloradans. When you think of Colorado, you may see images of snowy mountain peaks, forests full of golden aspen trees, or legalized marijuana. You may think of skiing, hiking, or even Mesa Verde, where Native Americans carved their homes right into the […]
  • Ethereum And Bitcoin Cash: Handling The Hard Forks

    Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum are both in the process of considering upcoming hard forks, but the decision-making and communication processes are playing out very differently: Decisions on the Ethereum blockchain seem largely decided by communities of developers, whereas the Bitcoin Cash community lets miners take the reins. The different priorities of each blockchain lay at […]
  • As Venezuela’s Economic Chaos Continues, Dash Sees An Opening

    The recent changes to Venezuela’s currency have yet to stop the nation’s economic free fall, leading many Venezuelans to resort to cryptocurrency. But not the one the government issued. On Monday, Venezuela rolled out its new currency, the sovereign bolivar, which lopped five zeros off their previous currency. This new currency has been pegged to […]
  • Jamaican Stock Exchange To Allow Crypto Trading

    The move could signal a desire not to be left behind as other Caribbean countries embrace blockchain tech. The Jamaican Stock Exchange (JSE) has partnered with Toronto-based FinTechcompany Blockstation to allow digital asset trading, according to an August 14 press release. Blockstation’s electronic communication network and order management system is intended to allow investors to […]
  • Blockchain Gets Fruity: (Aspiring) FinTech Group Pursues Juicy Tech

    A company recently unveiled its new fruit product, but it also engages in financial technology development. Is it normal to have a FinTech-fruit juice hybrid as a business model? According to a Wednesday announcement, Future FinTech Group Inc. has released a line of fruit-based enzyme drinks under its Chinese Hedetang food brand. Called Xian Mei […]
  • IBM And Columbia University To Open Blockchain Research And Education Center

    IBM and Columbia University have partnered to develop a facility dedicated to blockchain technology research, education, and innovation, according to a July 17 press release from IBM. The center, named the Columbia-IBM Center for Blockchain and Data Transparency, is intended to advance exploration into how blockchain technology can be utilized for “secure multi-party computation, homomorphic […]
    • by Nathan Graham
    • July 18, 2018
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  • Plasma Could Enable CBDCs, Says Ethereum’s Buterin – But Scalability Isn’t The Only Hurdle

    Vitalik Buterin believes Ethereum’s upcoming plasma implementation could make ERC20 central bank digital currencies viable. We’ll discuss which governments have considered these sovereign tokens and whether Plasma could, in fact, make Ethereum a good fit. In a recent Twitter poll by bitcoin investor Olivier Janssens, Vitalik Buterin voiced his support for an ERC20 central bank-issued […]
  • Cryptocurrency Exchanges Are Expanding Into Foreign Markets

    As cryptocurrency investment gains popularity, many exchanges are looking into expanding their operations. In fact, this week, two of the world’s largest announced plans to branch out. Announced July 10, Canada’s Coinsquare has partnered with blockchain investment bank DLTa21 to launch a Japanese crypto exchange market. The new platform will be dubbed DLTa21X and is […]
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