Building the Brand and the Community

  • by Dan Eve
  • July 5, 2017
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Beyond The Void

Interview with Manon Burgel,  Communication & Marketing, Beyond The Void

Q. At the moment BTV is built for PC. The phone/tablet versions are not on the horizon yet as the game is not built for touchscreens. Are there any plans to release console versions e.g. PS4 or Xbox?

A. We have a similar problem with consoles as the gameplay is really designed to be used with the keyboard and mouse. It’s not out of the question but it’s also not the time just yet.

Q. On the retail side have you been making good progress negotiating with any platforms like Steam?

A. Steam is the largest and most famous but we are still looking into other platforms e.g. we are currently in the process of being ‘Green Lighted’. Outside of the local community, we are travelling around Europe to conferences and game festivals, like Insomnia in Ireland tomorrow. We will also be in cities in France to present the game, let players test it along with surveys for feedback. All of which is to improve gameplay, designs, music and the overall experience. If we are able to build a community it will really help us succeed.

Q. It’s a very good point you make about community. ICOs often gain popularity and momentum based on the community aspect alone, how are you managing this side?

A. It’s funny you should ask as we have actually hired someone specialising in marketing to build the brand and focus on this. From our research it’s clear that potential players who are on the lookout for new games aren’t so interested in trailers, they want streamers and other influencers to help them decide which games to play.

Q. Are there any plans to implement VR in Beyond the Void?

A. Development for VR is very specific and we’re not sure that it would fit BTV’s gameplay.

Q. So ICO’s are gaining some incredible popularity within the traditional investment world and there have been some very successful projects. How do you see the regulation evolving around ICOs?

A. It’s difficult to speculate on regulation but if the community doesn’t self-regulate and reduce the risk of scams and projects that are doomed to fail, then governments will start to step in.

Q. From your own perspective, what would you recommend as the best due diligence steps for people to take before investing in an ICO?

A. It is important that….

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Dan Eve, @Cryptopoly, COO CryptoCamp