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  • May 25, 2018
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Meet Bubblo
Bubblo is an intelligent discovery app. It harnesses the AI power to help users discover their very own personalized TOP 5 venue recommendations. Bubblo is also able to help businesses develop a real-time advertising presence which they can track via automatic anonymous check-ins. The Bubblo App

integrates both the digital and physical aspects of an experience into a simple presentable format. It does this by aggregating the digital and physical worlds and presents them in a simple visual way.

The Bubblo mission
To essentially create a user and business ecosystem that is up to date with each other by incentivizing all parties concerned to share personal data, deals, discounts, and content:

  • User-friendly accessibility to information, deals, and videos of nearby vendors.
  • Easy and fluid interaction between the businesses and their potential patrons.

The seven principles
bubblo’s philosophy can be summed up as follows:

  1. To provide all the relevant information to users who are planning to explore the city they reside in or any city around the world.
  2. To provide venues with the means to interact with potential patrons at the precise moment when patrons are making the decision to socialize.
  3. To keep rates reasonable and easy to recoup.
  4. To provide both users and businesses with valuable information from the content that they post.
  5. By introducing Bubblo as an app that is intricately connected to the real world, by marketing it in numerous creative and on-the-ground guerrilla campaigns, rather than solely online.
  6. To pursue in becoming a high-octane company that is constantly working to improve its products and services, increase profits, and provides customer satisfaction while maintaining high ethical standards.
  7. All features and designs must elevate and improve the nexus between B2B and B2C connectivity because when this is at its best, everyone benefits.

The centralized review problem:
For Consumers:

The discovery app landscape is not reflective of a myriad of elements such as: social media, the real-time deals and the actual environment of bars, clubs, and restaurants. Existing tools either provide large lists or show dozens of pins on a map to suggest places to go to. These suggestions are not very helpful in narrowing down user’s choices to help them decide.

Additionally, current social networks and review sites are not transparent about what data they collect from users and who they sell that data to. Moreover, users do not currently benefit monetarily or otherwise from the use and sale of their personal data.

Based on social media likes, the number of followers and frequency of pictures uploaded as well as check-ins on social media, Bubblo can utilize social media and review site data to rank a variety of venues. Bubblo offers a simple and a visual way of judging bars, clubs, restaurants, and retail before ever stepping foot inside.

For Businesses:
Bubblo seeks to solve the problems faced by businesses in participating in the digital world. Currently, most businesses have no means of accurately advertising in real-time to potential patrons in the area, through mobile devices.

Venues can currently advertise on various discovery tools, but all these companies act as a filter between potential patrons and their advertising. There are no means for venues to reach out directly to nearby consumers as they would with a billboard or a staff member on the street trying to get people through the door.

In the case of digital ads that venues do place on various other sites, they do not have a means to accurately gauge how effective their ads were in attracting patrons to their venue.

A lack of such data has prevented local bars, clubs, and restaurants from accurately and effectively advertising on mobile devices. Bubblo gives businesses the tools to track the success of a mobile ad campaign and advertise to customers in real-time.

Businesses in-turn can use the marketing platform to send deals, videos, and video deals directly to the users in their area, by searching for their services and can then see how effective the ads are through automatic, anonymous, check-ins. Bubblo has huge B2B possibilities because it truly is the first marketing platform integrated with a discovery tool for users. Venues can interact with potential patrons that are in the area looking for their specific services.

Bubblo’s Revenue model

1.Sponsored Bubbles:
Venues will pay Bubblo to have sponsored Bubble ads on the home screen of Bubblo. These ads are independent of the “Top 5 Bubbles” algorithm but are instead based on the user’s preferences and location.

2.Marketing Platform:
Using a dynamic pricing model Bubblo’s marketing platform allows businesses to bid on sending deals, promotional and/or 360 videos

3.Data Analytics:
Bubblo’s automatic anonymous check-ins are a source for immense data analytics that can be then sold back to an endless number of firms and institutions. Amongst other metrics, venues can pay for analytics on the demographics of their current customers, nearby potential patrons, nearby competitors, and the preferences of their current customers.

4.B2C Revenue:
Bubblo’s venue screen is an open platform which integrates with any B2C services such as table reservations, taxi bookings, food delivery, event tickets, payment services and other services which can integrate easily into our platform.

5.Bubblo Video Ads Platform:
Bubblo’s video platform shows vertical and 360 video ads and eventually could charge similar rates to Snapchat in the future. Benefiting additionally from the proliferation of vertical video ad content being created by Snapchat, WPP, and other advertising firms.

Bubblo’s target marke
The first target users for Bubblo were tech-savvy smartphone users aged 18-35 who use social networks to plan their daily activities. This target group was comprised of university students and tourists who would frequently visit bars, clubs, and restaurants in major urban centers to find the best places to go.

After successfully marketing the app in London, Bubblo moved to India and the Middle East where we have large partnerships, less competition, cheaper operating costs, and most importantly larger markets. The target segments in these regions are similar, 18-35-year old’s who quickly adopt new apps and enjoy socializing with one another in public places.

Additionally, tourists are also a major segment in these markets. To reach both these segments, we are using PR, Social Media, on-the-ground advertising, and our investment from the Times Group of India to give us traditional presence in newspapers, on radio, billboards, and TV advertising. We believe that combining these approaches will create a viral story and brand for Bubblo to rapidly reach large amounts of potential users.

Bubblo competitive advantages
Bubblo’s competitive advantage both in the app space as well as in the ICO market is the numerous Blue-Chip partnerships, investors, and clients it has secured. Partnerships and clients in tourism, banking/credit card, mobile phones/telecoms, taxi bookings, and food & beverage companies allow the Bubblo app to have a clear advantage in its content, pricing and flexibility between popular brands, for both the app and BUBL token.

By establishing the Bubblo brand, Bubblo will enable continuous customer acquisition to the app and the future token; accelerating the adoption and cultivation of both.


1.Artificial Intelligence
An AI partnership with IBM’s Watson Supercomputer provides a platform to innovate both the B2C & B2B components of the app.

2.Multiple Monetization Paths
Bubblo’s numerous revenue streams and ability to adapt to capture revenue from multiple industries gives it the greatest chance to monetize successfully.

3.Geographic Scalability
Bubblo is easily scalable globally as it can build its database of bars, clubs and restaurants from existing open-source APIs allowing it to expand to any new city in the world within a week. Bubblo’s ability to integrate with local API partners in different geographies for reviews, taxi bookings and payment services can provide scalability and consistency to its content and services.

4.360 Video
First Discovery app offering ability for venues to promote themselves in VR.

BUBL Benefits Explaine
BUBL will be an innovative instrument to incentivize the major parties involved in the Food and Beverage industry (customers, businesses, and marketers) to stay engaged in conversation with one another and have access to information on each other in a safe, secure, and real-time manner.

Customers for their part will get rewarded for reviewing and visiting venues and for sharing their basic information with the venues upon receiving exclusive deals and benefits. Businesses in return will immediately have a means of reaching similar users by being able to use the tokens they receive for marketing. 3rd party marketers and researchers will have an opportunity to a huge amount of data to target and draw conclusions on consumer behavior from.

In the same way that Bitcoin can be viewed as “backed” by the compute power required to mine one, the BUBL is backed by a contribution of data requiring human intelligence. The determination of what is intelligent, in addition to the assessment of value, is entirely the domain of artificial intelligence (AI) technology maintained by Bubblo. When a user uploads data to the app, this AI determines the number of BUBL that will be transferred to their account.

While this poses constraints on the AI – for example, a model should be highly immune to adversarial perturbations, even at the cost of accuracy – it presents a unique new solution to the unique notion of Byzantine faults in BUBL.

For more info check out their telegram:

Disclosure – The author is an advisor in the project.

Disclaimer-This does not constitute investment advice. Please review their case purely on merit and proceed only if you are convinced or interested. Also, I do not encourage folks from USA, China etc. to invest in an ICO unless they speak to their lawyers. I only support genuine good people doing great in Blockchain innovation.

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