Boule: Remote Voting Technology

  • by Claudio Perlini
  • August 19, 2017
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Remote Voting is going to be available soon and blockchain is the technology that makes this possible. In fact, since the beginning of the millennium we have been experimenting with electronic solutions for elections, but the concerns about cyber-attacks and voters’ anonymity have slowed the innovation process to the point where France has stopped its electronic voting system.

It’s time to act; it’s time to use blockchain not only for speculative greedy purposes but also for the benefit of society. We are overwhelmed by the representatives we choose. Once we express our vote, we don’t have any control over their decisions. For this reason, many people prefer not to vote because they believe nothing can change. Unfortunately, a lower number of voters makes it easier to rig the election.

There is something that the recent North African revolutions have shown us: if people act altogether, even the mightiest dictatorships can be defeated.

For now, people are concerned with online voting, because they don’t know the potential of blockchain. Our mission in the next few years will be to develop, empower and promote the technology, as well as to communicate how straightforward and reliable it is to vote online using this technology.

A huge community of supporters and entrepreneurs is growing around this project and everyone becomes a piece of the puzzle that we need to achieve this mission. More than 1000 people around the world have asked to participate in our crowd sale on the 28th of August and we hope everyone will get a slot and be able to join the revolution.

Remote Voting Technology is not only a technical issue, we must seriously consider how people will interact with a remote voting system; will they make simple choices due to their laziness, or will they feel more committed and make more informed decisions?

As a founding team, we don’t only have to develop a voting system, but we also must consider sociology, ethics and the behavioural aspects.

As someone said a decade ago, “yes, we can!” we can do it now, by empowering our voice and recognising the minority voice, in a symbiosis of ideas, beliefs, religions and identities.

From the people to the people.

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Claudio is an Italian tech entrepreneur with SaaS expertise and has operated all around Europe. He has been involved in politics and activism for political campaigns. Now he is applying blockchain technology to create a more transparent relationship, between politics and electors. He has been a cryptocurrency investor since 2014 and is seeking good long term investments.