Symbol BOTC
Token sale opening date 8. May 2018
Token sale closing date 28. Jun 2018
Concept BotChain is blockchain-based platform for universal registration, identity validation, audit, and coordination of AI agents and autonomous software. They focus on increasing trust and reducing friction among parties by providing a platform for identity verification and auditability. Based in Boston, MA, BotChain is established by Talla Inc, whose expertise lies in AI-powered knowledge and information management for enterprises, and is lead by an executive team with decades of entrepreneurial experience building large-scale business applications.

 Articles and research



Scrap the White Paper: How to Evaluate Tokens and Blockchains – CoinDesk



Members Rob May – CEO

Byron Galbraith – Chief Data Scientist

Catharina Lavers Mallet – COO

Jon Klein – Chief Architect

Will Murphy – VP of Blockchain

Anthony Habayeb – Head of Partnerships

Henry Wagner – Blockchain Engineer

Broke Torres – Director of Marketing


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