Beyond the Void’s ICO: A Case Study

  • by Manon Burgel
  • July 5, 2017
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Beyond the Void’s ICO: A Case Study

For French-based gaming platform Beyond the Void, holding an initial coin offering (ICO) was an opportunity to share ownership of the project with customers, fans and other partners, as well as improve user experience. In November 2016, the company held an ICO and raised $332,014 by selling tokens they created on the Ethereum blockchain.

Beyond the Void

Game developer and concept artist Maxence Burgel founded Beyond the Void in early 2015. The following year, his elder brother Eric Burgel, a Bitcoin enthusiast, joined the project. Other family members have since joined the team, including blockchain developer Rémi Burgel.

Choosing Ethereum

Maxence disclosed that Eric was the one who introduced the idea of using the Ethereum blockchain to create the tokens for the game. He said,  “ Eric made a case to the rest of the team on how a token on Ethereum will add value to the player experience in addition to funding the project. With the facts on the table, we found it hard not to agree with him. The token became a priority in the plans to deliver the game.”

Turning the idea into reality, however, primarily fell on the shoulders of Rémi.

The breakdown

Beyond the Void created 100,000,000 Nexiums. In a private pre-sale that happened in June 2016, 5% (4,245,183) of the tokens were sold for 4,238 ether (ETH), the native cryptocurrency of the Ethereum blockchain. The founders of the project kept 15% and another 15% was set aside for promotional bounties.

Nexium tokens

Because Nexium tokens exist on the Ethereum blockchain, you do not have to be a Beyond the Void player to hold them. By using any Ethereum wallet that supports ERC-20 tokens, you can buy Nexium for speculative purposes at one of the exchanges.

Beyond the Void is free to download and play. A beta version of the game was released on May 3, 2017. Early access is slated to happen on September 2017, no estimated time of arrival for full release yet.

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Before becoming a CCO at B2Expand, Manon Burgel used to be a music teacher. Multi-instrumentalist and passionate about crafting, she’s now in charge of managing the community, PRs and partnerships of Beyond the Void. As a shareholder of the family’s business, she is part of the decision-making process and works with the others to prepare the future of their common project.