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“Many of us experience the same problems with booking sites such as Expedia, Hotels, TripAdvisor etc. The main reason the same issues occur is that they all are owned by IAC. I am asking for your support because we are all together in this struggle and are getting hammered from dealing with these companies (IAC). is built by a property/hotel owner to help take our industry back!” stated Miles Jarvis, Chief Operating Officer of Bookwithbit.

Among the hospitality industry, there have been many constant problems affecting everyone. Consolidation, high fees, archaic payment processes and the inability for hotel owners to control their own business. Bookwithbit was an idea Kalpesh Patel, regional hotel owner out of Oklahoma had in 2013. “The idea of having a decentralized currency to make transactions had me thinking about how to make the hotel industry more efficient,” Patel stated.

In 2013, Kalpesh Patel quit thinking about how to change the industry and began the process of revolutionizing this industry. Partnering with Miles Jarvis, a young Wall Street up and comer, they embarked on the journey to create Bookwithbit.

Bookwithbit has dedicated themselves to creating a product that allows for people to book their favourite locations at the lowest possible price. Many hotel owners may be thinking how this is possible? To explain this matter, we need to dive into the hospitality industry as a whole.

Many of your common names; Expedia,, TripAdvisor etc. are all owned by the same holdings company, IAC. These entities have controlled the market by two business models, monthly fee and/or percentage-based commission. These commissions being charged to both the hotel and consumer are often greater than 20%. The booking agencies all use the same inventory data platforms known as channel managers.

Channel managers provide an efficient process but have downsides. Often, a consumer will book a room at a hotel and when they arrive, find out there is no availability. The consumer gets anger with the hotel and will most likely not return. Furthermore, they will have to find costly last-minute hotel bookings. The hotel will contact the booking agency to cancel and explain there are no rooms available but will be charged a cancellation fee. The booking agency keeps their original commission and the additional cancelation fees. A complicated process which only benefits the large corporations, this rubbed Miles and Kalpesh the wrong way.

Bookwithbit offers a low commission rate of 6% cash booking or 5% on crypto payments. This means the consumer and the hotel get the cheapest rates possible! Bookwithbit has made it priority No.1 to build a platform which benefits both the owner and the consumer. “We believe in a business based on trust and client experience rather than turning large profits for investors,” said Miles Jarvis. This had held true since they have zero hidden fees.

Bookwithbit allows hotel owners to create their own account and manage inventory directly on the platform. “While we have partnerships with channel managers, we want to offer the hotels the opportunity to control their business directly” spoke Kalpesh. Having the ability to manage inventory without a third party will allow significantly fewer errors in inventory availability.

Mr. Patel’s passion toward cryptocurrency has lead Bookwithbit to go beyond CoinBase. Bookwithbit has partnered with a third party which allows any cryptocurrency payments to be made directly. Bookwithbit’s crypto payment system is in a blockchain platform offering the highest level of security.

Additionally, Bookwithbit has officially started offering group booking opportunities. “Many competitors have focused on providing bare minimum options and mediocre customer experience. We want to change that!” said Miles Jarvis.

Miles further expressed “Bookwithbit is humbled to be a part of the crypto community and hopes to bring the real value back to the people instead of the corporate elite’s pocket”.

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