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Token sale opening date 26. May 2018
Token sale closing date 26. Jun 2018
Concept Aworker – a next-generation blockchain based platform with an ambitious purpose to change/disrupt the HR industry. We strive to create new opportunities for job hunt and career development. Decentralisation provides the best opportunities for creating the new professional ecosystem. According to the roadmap, early next year we will launch an aggregate rating for employees of various specialties. This will assist people to create a professional reputation of reliable and skilled workers. Companies will receive an objective and in-depth tool for analyzing data on job seekers and motivating employees. Each person will be able to show how qualified he/she really is and develop a reputation of a reliable employee with just a couple of mouse clicks.

 Articles and research

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Members Anton Cherkasov – Co-Founder & CEO

Michael Doshevsky – Co-Founder & CTO

Michael Barkov – Co-founder & HR Partner

Svetlana Fomenkova – Business Development Director

Sergey Streltsov – Chief Marketing Officer

Serafima Aleksandrova – PR

Roman Ivantsov – Architect

Pavel Levkovich – Project lead

Alex Zachinalov – Frontend / UI

Eugene Petukhov – Backend developer

Vasily Kuznetsov – Advisor

Denis Polulyakhov – Advisor


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