Steven has the following list of academic acheivement: M.A. Global Affairs, University of Toronto, International Economics, Crisis Management, B.A. Government Diplomacy & Strategic Studies, IDC International Affairs Negotiations.

His professional background and experience extends to: Strategic Consulting at Federal/Central Government Level (Colombia, Peru and Paraguay), Local Stake Holder Negotiations & Crisis Management for Oil & Gas Exploration and Production (Colombia), Accounts Receivable and Exchange Risk Management (Canada), Affiliate Marketing, Content Production, Content Curation, Analysis & Strategic Planning in the Bitcoin/Cryptocurrencies Industry (Israel & Canada).

  • Shifting ICO Investment Paradigms

    From Focusing on Capturing Value to a Focus on Value Creation In a world in which immediate profits, bottom lines and price rule investment decisions, we must change our decision-making paradigms to pick the ICOs we should invest in. A world of decentralized innovation requires us to focus on value creation and longer-term value propositions […]
    • by Steven Gleiser
    • July 19, 2017
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