Paul is CEO of SocialCash, he is a serial Investor, Advisor and Cofounder. His current passions include the impact of distributed ledger technologies on the Social Sharing Economy – Web 3.0 (Internet of Value) including blockchain, digital assets, cryptocurrencies, smart contracts and their applications to modern platforms.

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    The Next Big “Unlock” For Social Media. SOCIAL SHARING ECONOMY – WEB 3.0 (INTERNET OF VALUE) Social sharing of information creates economic value. Social media and the Internet have made it possible to exchange information at a rate that has never been seen before. This exchange of information is increasing at an exponential rate through […]

    The Next Big “Unlock” For Social Media By Paul Taylor, CEO SocialCash SocialCash is a next-gen decentralized and distributed social network designed for the new Social Sharing Economy – Web 3.0 (Internet of Value) enabled by blockchain. SocialCash is the next “unlock” for Social Media. SocialCoin – the crypto-token or social currency – enables this […]