Michael is a professional tech writer and content strategist with an app development background. He specializes in Android & iOS app design, as well as blockchain & dapp technology.

Ever since he was a child, Michael was captivated by technology. When the opportunity arose to spend his life writing about it, Michael didn’t hesitate. He now spends his time exploring and writing about captivating new technologies to introduce to the people.

  • Breaking Down the dApp Development Concept to Generate New Business Ideas

    Smart contracts, or contracts built with a code on a decentralized blockchain network, enable a new approach toward developing business value, trust, and integrity. How are they different than the traditional way of doing business? Businesses build a reputation based on past successes, effective networking, continually meeting customer needs, and by overextending the efforts for […]
    • by Michael Kelley
    • July 18, 2018
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