Matt Armstrong is an ICO analyst and a Pre-ICO specialist
  • Etherparty Smashes Pre-Sale Target of $25 million in the Middle of a Bear Market

    VANCOUVER, Canada, September 15, 2017 — Easy-to-use smart contracts creator Etherparty announced today that it has sold out of its pre-sale of FUEL tokens receiving approx. $25M USD of contributions (calculated at the high) in the form ETH, BTC, and Fiat. During the pre-sale phase, 40 percent of the total supply was set aside and sold to […]
    • by Matt Armstrong
    • September 15, 2017
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  • GigaWatt: A Move to Decentralize the Global Balance of Mining Power

    Interview with Dave Carlson, founder and CEO of GigaWatt Q. How did you get into crypto mining? A. A few years before I discovered bitcoin, I was working at Microsoft XBox Live on their digital token minting system.  We were producing cryptographic tokens to represent each and every digital asset in the XBox Live ecosystem.  I […]
    • by Matt Armstrong
    • July 27, 2017
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  • ICOs Connect the World

    The Bitcoin Legend, Tim Draper, gives his views on ICOs Q. What controls and regulations, if at all, should be in place for ICO’s? A. Generally speaking, I think ICOs are like non-profit organizations in that they are for the good of society, and should not be regulated or controlled by any government. ICOs are […]
    • by Matt Armstrong
    • July 5, 2017
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