Jon Jacobs is an English actor, entrepreneur, director, producer, writer, and creator of the avatar Neverdie, which is frequently stylised NEVERDIE, from the virtual world Entropia Universe that Reuters described as “a legendary adventurer, celebrity, and fabulously wealthy entrepreneur in the online world of Entropia”. The Associated Press described Neverdie as an “Internet icon.

  • Teleportation: Who needs Public Transport in Cyberspace?

    As the ICO Fever temperature continues to rise, one of the greatest challenges we face is to ascertain the viability of a project. The sex appeal of virtual real estate has been established over the last decade in a large part due to the numerous Guinness world record breaking sales orchestrated by NEVERDIE. But, while […]
    • by Jon NEVERDIE Jacobs
    • August 23, 2017
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