Title:  Strategist
Business name: Steeves Solutions

A Canadian-born, German-based consultant and entrepreneur, Daniel Steeves applies his thirty-five+ years of international cross-sector experience to deliver clear targets. To enable, strengthen and scale his fintech, blockchain and emerging technology clients by ensuring the alignment and viability of their propositions, their products and their positioning – with their business models, targets, token models, whitepapers and ICOs – from the points of view and value perceptions of their supply and value chains: their consumers, partners and investors.

  • Better Propositions, not Better Whitepapers

    No, this isn’t yet another article promising the path to the whitepaper (wp) that lays the golden tokens: a wp is simply one element of an orchestrated and managed set of activities, albeit a significant element. While a solid wp is critical to a successful ICO, yours can only ever be solid if it is […]
    • by Daniel Steeves
    • May 14, 2018
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