Anton is the CEO of Aworker. Aworker is a Decentralized Ecosystem For Employees.
The Reputation Building Platform for Employees where you get paid for your achievements and skills powered by the Ethereum blockchain.
Employees will be able to obtain a reward for their proper performance, professional and communication skills. Via AWE Tokens and Ethereum blockchain technology, we are creating an independent rating of professionals all over the world.

  • Today’s global problems in HR (and how Blockchain can solve them)

    Today HR specialists have to deal with the uncertainty in resumes, the reliability of recommendation letters and overall problem with the trustworthiness of candidates. Most of the time people can’t get the position in the company because of their poor pitching skills even if they are actually great at the job. This situation has to […]
    • by Anton Cherkasov
    • December 5, 2017
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