Andrey Golub is currently a CEO and co-founder since 2014 of one of the most innovative companies in the Retail System- ELSE Corp (, a cloud SaaS startup from Milan, Italy. ELSE has been recognized by the industry leaders as a first of its kind “Virtual Retail Company”, providing the revolutionary tools for brands, designers and manufacturers allowing them to virtually sell and further produce on demand exclusive and customized fashion products and garments; all through an incredible 3D virtual customer experience, based an a unique start to end cloud framework, for mass customisation and industrial made to measure fashion.

Andrey was a student of Classe ’76, a graduate of Applied Mathematics and Software Engineering. He also studied a PhD on the field of Artificial Intelligence, the Autonomous and Automated Reasoning Systems Analysis and Design. In his career, he has been Professor, Consultant and Mentor, having over 15 years experience in Research & Development.

  • The New Reality for Belarus 2017: the 3rd International Crowd Conference in Minsk.

    by Andrey Golub, @aVg Everybody knows where Minsk is on the map of Europe and why it is probably an ideal location for a high-tech conference such as “New Reality: Challenges 2017”, dedicated to ICOs, Blockchain, AI and Fintech? Maybe not? Ok, so, Minsk is the capital of the Republic of Belarus, one of the […]
    • by Andrey Golub
    • November 7, 2017
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  • Transparent Supply Chains in Fashion & Luxury Businesses

    Supply chain transparency is a trend that has spread throughout organizations over the last few years. It has been brought, not only through lawsuits or financial crisis, but most of all through an awakening of consumers to the questionable manufacturing processes of their products. There’s need to make quick changes to the supply system and […]
    • by Andrey Golub
    • July 9, 2017
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