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  • WePower: Blockchain saving the world Green revolution

    There are some that still say climate change is not happening but we see signs everywhere with a naked eye. We have all the data that shows what is happening and we know what can be done. However, for many years the tools were not there for us the community to be able to take […]
  • BIDHash: The World’s Best Blockchain Hosting Service and the Creator of CellCoin

    BIDHash is revolutio nizing the Blockchain hosting service industry, with its one-of-akind technology that aims at decentralizing the entire crypto currency ecosystem. BIDHash is offering the following services that the cryptocurrency community needs, to progress and expand: 2 Mining Farm Construction: Mining equipment manufactured by the world-renown company, Bitfury will be used in constructing, at […]
  • Breaking Barriers to Ethereum Mass Adoption with Dether

    Powered by Ethereum smart contracts, Dether is a revolutionary new way for anyone on Earth to buy ether using cash and spend it at physical stores nearby. Unlike existing solutions, a user doesn’t need a bank account, only a mobile phone with internet access. While the Ethereum blockchain opens the doors to a trustless digital […]
  • Energi Mine

    named as one of the world’s exciting blockchain start-ups as business gears up for Token Sale Manchester-based Energi Mine has been named as one of the world’s most exciting blockchain start-ups. The accolade came at the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) Summit in Zurich, where Energi Mine CEO Omar Rahim presented the company’s new Energi Token […]
  • Pesabase: Low cost Remittances, Payments and Banking

    Pushing Boundaries for the Unbanked and Under-banked in Africa Despite global innovation with banking and financial technologies, Africa still has lagged in terms of adoption and usage. This has created a wealth of challenges unlike most continents around the planet. From highest cost remittances to the region and low standards of living, to currency mismanagement, […]
  • StartupToken™ the Distributed Network of Accelerators

    Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past six months you will no doubt have heard about the alluring rises of bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as other digital currencies that are flourishing in a new craze which many are saying is reminiscent of the dot com bubble at the turn of the […]
  • Have ICOs taken over from the traditional crowdfunding model?

    In the UK the market for crowdfunding, including peer-to-peer lending, started to take off in the years following the financial crisis. According to estimates from innovation charity Nesta, peer-to-peer business lending grew by 99% to £1.49 billion in 2015, with equity based crowdfunding up by 295% at £332 million. However, intervention by governments and institutions […]
  • wherevr : Disrupting the home-sharing industry

    Disrupting the home-sharing industry THE RISE OF THE SHARING ECONOMY In the last decade, the sharing economy has grown from a fringe concept to an economic powerhouse, reshaping various industries like tourism and mobility at a lightning pace. The data allow to foresee a dizzying increase in the key areas of this economic model. The […]
  • El modelo ICBM

    Intellectual Capital Business Model para invertir exitosamente en INTRODUCCION Estamos ante una nueva ola de cambio en el ámbito de la Tecnologías de la Información y Comunicación (TIC), gracias a la tecnología Blockchain, que está permitiendo desarrollar cientos de startups en la actualidad y miles de éstas en los próximos años. Blockchain comenzó a desarrollarse […]
  • ACT: Ready for World 2.0

    World 2.0 is a place where Citizen Power matches State Power. A world where Citizens are able to hold the State accountable and make it responsive to their needs. ACT is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization that will launch later this year. It aggregates funding from unlimited numbers of citizens targeting change, and it organizes decisionmaking […]
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