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    SUMMARY Let’s start from the beginning. What is KYC? “Know your customer” involves a set of identity processes’ where an organization demonstrates to regulators that they have assessed various risks. These risks include – money laundering, terrorism financing, credit worthiness and product suitability. These checks must be carried prior and throughout any business relationship with […]
  • Can Blockchain Save Us From the AI Apocalypse?

    How Blockchain Technology Can Ensure Trustworthy Software Bots Each week brings another announcement on the progress of artificial intelligence. The rapid pace of growth has created significant concerns about our future relationship with AI. Will AI replace us? How can we control rogue AI-powered bots, or prevent them in the first place? Interestingly, blockchain may […]
  • Could Blockchain Dawn a New Era in Tourism?

    Our era is characterised by the dependence of new technologies, which facilitate us in our daily lives and promise us more security in our day-today transactions. Our team consists of four members, the founder Alexandros Athanasopoulos, the advisor Marinos Kokkinos, the programmer Mobile-Development for Android and iOS Angelos Staboulis and Athanasios Vlastaras. We are four […]
  • Orvium Open and Transparent Science Powered by Blockchain

    Science has a major impact on society and it is the force behind some of the most revolutionary changes in human history, drastically improving the way we live, communicate and work. It even extends the length and enhances the quality of life itself, thanks to technological and medical innovations in areas like cancer treatments, depression, […]
  • Woolf Building the First Blockchain University

    Woolf is a borderless academic community designed to address employment problems in higher education, inequalities of student access, and a frequent lack of personal teaching from professors. Woolf uses the most recent technologies to reinvent the way traditional education is delivered and makes widely available the oldest form of human learning: individual apprenticeships in thinking. […]
  • TrustVerse

    TrustVerse is an AI-Blockchain wealth management platform. Wealth management for traditional (global equity) and virtual asset(cryptocurrency). It helps to secure and protect wealth & asset in two different stages of life, life and afterlife. TrustVerse consists of platform and protocols. The Smart contract for legacy, estate, planning and wills based on wealth management. Moreover, it […]

    LONDON 11th April 2018: Jane Zhang – CEO of Shellpay in China, an early investor in Alibaba, and one of the most influential women in the blockchain and crypto world, will host the Skyledger London 2018 conference on Friday 20th April at Level39, Canary Wharf, London. The event will also feature Synth – one of […]
  • Constellation Labs

    INTRODUCTION Let’s face it. The current landscape of the crypto space is no longer walking hand in hand with Satoshi’s original plan. Yes, evolution cannot be stopped but what about the principals behind Satoshi’s plan, decentralisation and in the hands of many? Blockchains are redesigning the functionality of our economy and society, very fast. The […]
  • What Can Next Generation Blockchains Like Hedera’s Hashgraph Do Best?

    For many people, when they hear about blockchain or distributed ledgers, their response is less about how these technologies work and more about “so what can this technology do for me”? Although it is a valid question, it doesn’t mean that we say, “I’m going to be using the TCP/IP protocol today” but we are […]
  • NexBank

    Paying in cash will soon come to an end. High banking charges will come to an end. Government intervention to individual’s finances will come to an end. The world is changing fast and more choices are given to today’s consumers. People are finding new ways to interact with money and sadly, the traditional banking system […]
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