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  • MBM Mobilum

     Overview Symbol MBM Token sale opening date To be announced Token sale closing date (NO EXACT DATES) Concept The Platform and Payment Token Mobilum is payment processing service that connects fiat currency and cryptocurrency in real-time, decreasing the total cost of each transaction and guaranteeing the most favourable execution. Mobilum created smart contract powered by […]
  • CoinAnalyst

     Overview Symbol CoinAnalyst Token sale opening date PRE-ICO START June 21, 2018ICO START July 7, 2018 Token sale closing date PRE-ICO END July 6, 2018ICO END October 31, 2018 Concept CoinAnalyst makes cryptocurrencies transparent. Purchase and sale decisions can be made on the basis of valid data and intelligent analyses, provided by Artificial Intelligence. What […]
  • Facebook revising its blanket ban on Crypto adds has industry experts weighing in…

    Iqbal Gandham, UK Managing Director at eToro, global investment platform said: “We have always advocated for a more sophisticated approach to cryptocurrency advertising, as we believe legitimate providers shouldn’t be lumped in with rogue operators. Customer safety and education about the market should remain a priority, but a blanket ban is a poor approach to […]
  • Former Goldman Sachs Leader & CME Group Venture Capitalist Rumi Morales joins Outlier Ventures to spearhead expansion into US

    Strong institutional investment background key to supporting Outlier Ventures’ growth strategy London and Chicago, Wednesday 26 June 2018 — Leading blockchain and internet infrastructure venture capital firm Outlier Ventures today announces experienced venture capitalist Rumi Morales joins the firm as a Partner. An early specialist in digital currency, blockchain and distributed ledger technologies, Morales is […]
  • Polychain Becomes First $1 Billion Crypto Fund: What Happens Now?

    Polychain Capital is at the vanguard of cryptocurrency investing, attracting backers from prominent ventures capital firms like Andreessen Horowitz, and betting on companies that might define the next generation of blockchain. Earlier this year, Polychain became the first crypto fund with more than $1 billion in assets under management, according to a regulatory filing. That figure […]
  • Voting and Governance in Security Tokens

    This article continues where The Blocks of a Security Token Platform left off as Jesus Rodriguez continues his focus on security tokens.  Security tokens are on their way to become one of the most important segments in the cryptocurrency market and certainly one of the most interesting ones. What makes security tokens so fascinating at this stage is that […]
  • Using AI and blockchain tech for transparency in urban governance

    People are going to ask government for answers, and the solutions will lie in getting transparency through new-age systems. While Niti Aayog’s recent report on Artificial Intelligence (AI) provided a roadmap for urban bodies to think about new, smart ways to city functioning, a recent case of file tampering that took place in the Municipal […]
  • Blockchain update: Industry giants build food tracking blockchain

    Food Trust aims to reduce recall times for contaminated products There’s a lot going on in the world of decentralised networking and not just the daily rollercoaster ride of the cryptocurrency markets. A decade after the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto first unleashed Bitcoin on an unsuspecting world, the blockchain has grown and branched out and now […]
  • Blockchain Summit Explores New Technologies’ Potential for SDGs

    STORY HIGHLIGHTS The Blockchain for Impact Global Summit took place on 4 June 2018 in New York, US. Navid Hanif, DESA, said enthusiasm for the opportunities that frontier technologies bring comes with some questions about their impact on our jobs, our economies, our societies and the way we engage in public fora. Chris Kelly, MoviePass […]
  • Facebook is reversing its ban on some cryptocurrency ads

    Advertisers will need to apply, but ICO ads are still banned. Facebook is reversing its ban on cryptocurrency advertisements and will now allow some preapproved advertisers to promote crypto businesses and services, like exchanges. Facebook banned all crypto ads on the service back in January, around the height of the bitcoin price surge, to prevent people from […]
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