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  • Cryptocurrency Firms make the Fintech 250 List

    This years CB Insights Fintech 250 list contains a number of the crypto worlds biggest names. The list is compiled annually and ranks 250 of the most promising businesses in the fintech arena. The 250 are drawn from a global pool of around 4000 applicants and nominees. To be included on the list you need […]
  • HTC Exodus 1

    HTC is set to become the first company to offer a blockchain phone. The HTC Exodus 1 is currently available for preorder. It costs 0.15 BTC or 4.78 ETH and is priced in Bitcoin. When the phone was first announced HTC stated that it would allow users to “own your own identity” and act as […]
  • Is Bitcoin about to Break-out?

    Recently, the price of Bitcoin has traded within a range of $6,300 to $6,500. The two weeks of stability are a consequence of its inability to break out above this major resistance level. This is the most stable we have seen by Bitcoin since April 2017. Over the past day, the volume of BTC has […]
  • Cryptorace day 5

    Great news! Team crypto crossed the line first which gives them 100 extra points. In a huge boost for team crypto. Max was also able to gain extra video endorsements from the people he rapped to in the train the night before. He arrived in Vegas last night and was able to pre-book a shuttle […]
  • HealthDex – Unleashing the Power of Health Data

    The health sector is undergoing a revolution fuelled by ‘big data’. The amount of health data in the world is growing so rapidly that it is expected to double every 73 days by the year 2020. [1] Whilst the health sector has always generated huge amounts of data, this data has only relatively recently started […]

    FITBLOX aims to revolutionize the health and fitness industry by creating an incentive-based social experience that rewards healthy behaviour. Using distributed ledger technology, they aim to provide a safe, secure and private medium of exchange between fitness enthusiasts and strategic partners within their ecosystem. FITBLOX, unlike centralized fitness tracking applications and social media networks, gives […]
  • dGram: Standard Disruption, Crypto Innovation

    dGram announces a 100% gold bullion-underwritten cryptocurrency which harnesses the blockchain to fuse the safe harbour of the gold standard with the convenience and investment upside potentials of cryptocurrencies. Paired with a speculative growth token, with a prescribed growth / inflation path underpinned by a token-based value-enhancing revenue shares from dGram’s mining operations. dGram is […]
  • Banking-the-Unbanked with Algorithmic Trading

    One of the core promises of Blockchain technology is the democratization of financial markets. While the early focus in Blockchain has been on topics such as payments, banking access for the unbanked and censorship-proof digital currency, one huge elephant in the room has gone unnoticed: “In today’s equities markets, at least 65-70% of trading volumes […]
  • The Oracle Problem

    At the beating heart of most blockchains are smart contracts. By utilizing smart contracts on blockchain networks we can increase efficiencies and we can reduce costs across an array of businesses and government services. Smart contracts are designed to minimize counterparty risk and provide transparency throughout the process. They do however have some limitations especially […]
  • The Crypto Friendly Global Political Movement

    Politicians and cryptocurrencies don’t have a history of getting along that well with each other. The world of crypto in many ways poses an existential threat to those who hold government office and the banks whose hegemony they help maintain. However, across the globe there are political movements popping up that are crypto and DAO […]
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