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  • Preventum

    Preventum is the world’s first digital public health platform designed to help governments and organizations deliver effective preventative healthcare campaigns. Preventum’s first application in the US will focus on reducing opioid use and ultimately preventing chronic addiction. The Problem Drug overdose is now the leading cause of death among Americans under 50 years of age […]
  • Energy traders and banks new blockchain platforms

    Energy traders and banks new blockchain platforms Energy giant’s, energy traders and banks are uniting to revolutionise a centuries old trade-finance industry with the launch of two blockchain based trade platforms. The aim is to provide a faster, cheaper and more secure way of completing trades. This new platform will shake up the way we […]
  • Cryptorace day 3

    Day Three Max wanted to catch a bus from Philadelphia to Boston. The hotel was an hour walk from the bus station. In an attempt to get a lift to the bus station he encountered a couple who were actually heading south to Washington DC. Using his charms he was able to convince them to […]
  • Cryptorace day 2

    Day Two Team crypto got 6 hours of sleep. They went from Providence to Boston. Max now plans to fly to Philadelphia. He is slowly making his way to Washington DC. Everybody drew a mystery city where there are different missions to accomplish at the start and his is Washington DC. Max was concerned that […]
  • Cryptorace Day 1

    Day One – Oct 19th 2018 Each of the 5 contestants today departed from the Money 20/20 headquarters in New York. Max from Team Crypto spoke with Cryptopulse just before the race. They are not allowed to book anything ahead of time although he is allowed to research and plan. He has figured out how […]
  • The Great Money20/20 Payments Race

    Money 20/20 are a fintech organisations that seeks to progress, reimagine and disrupt the modern financial system. Money 20/20 has four events this year held in the US, Europe, China and Singapore. This year the US event is taking place between the 21st and 24th of October and will be focusing on payment fulfilment. One […]
  • UK Government Drives Blockchain Innovation for Social Good

    Despite being shaken by the crashing waves of political uncertainties, London continues to secure its ranking as the world’s number one financial centre. New York follows closely at The City’s heels, while Hong Kong and Singapore come in at 3rd and 4rth place, according to the Global Financial Centre’s Index. The UK has also seen […]
  • Turning the power of influence into money

    It’s no secret that the mainstream financial system is plagued with systemic risk: when you deposit your money with the bank, the bank can take it and use it as they please, placing the global economy at risk of a 2008 repeat. Now blockchain technology has sparked dreams of a continuation of the human story […]
  • South Korean Digital Currencies Move into Mainstream

    South Korea claimed the limelight of the cryptocurrency craze last year, provoking much of the digital currencies’ boom and bust of 2017. Bitcoin trades in South Korea neared 20% of crypto trades globally, causing the prices of Bitcoin and Ethereum to balloon to up to 50% of the global average. The country has often played […]
  • The rise and fall of the decentralised prediction market

    From U.S. elections to World Cup soccer games, to whether or not 24-year-old Ethereum co-creator Vitalik Buterin has a girlfriend or when he might find one, prediction markets allow the ‘wisdom of the crowd’ to speculate on the outcomes of future events. The Efficient Market Hypothesis states that assets’ prices fully reflect all available information, […]
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