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  • vreo

    A New Way to Present, Measure and Monetize Ads, Secured Through Blockchain Technology. Digital advertising is a fast-growing industry, surpassing even TV advertising in volume in 2016. Mobile ad spending alone has reached around 100billion USD spent in 2016, with in-game advertising reaching around 20billion USD. However, a lot of the advertising budget is lost […]
  • NPER

    Global Peer to Peer Intellectual Property Investment Platform. NPER is a project that allows creators to take legitimate rights by defeating the unusual intellectual property (IP) industry structure that takes away the legitimate rights of creators. NPER will build a peer to peer blockchain investment main network to innovate the IP industry and challenge on […]
  • The Crypro-travel Startup: Blockchain for the Travel Activity Market

    Competition between airlines made flights cheaper, competition between hotel chains made accommodation cheaper, car rentals – same story, etc. Yet it is not an answer to the question, how? The answer is in uniting. People united, and travelling became a mass character. That is how. Furthermore, it can be even cheaper if you use bonuses. […]
  • Confideal: Trusting People is Easy Again

    ABSTRACT Confideal is a visual smart contract creator that makes creating, managing and enforcing smart contracts as easy as never. Confideal enables users with no coding skills to create an enforceable, self-executing and secure digital agreement powered by Ethereum for all types of transactions. Built-in arbitration module allows to resolve disputes in the Confideal environment […]
  • Opiria & PDATA Token

    Opiria is revolutionizing the data brokerage industry by creating a central marketplace for companies to buy personal data directly from consumers without a veiled middleman in a fully transparent and secure way. Companies worldwide desperately need to know their customer. They need fundamental human insights about their consumers in order to design innovative products and […]
  • Blockchain-Based Loyalty Ecosystem Bitrewards Launched Public Pre-Sale on January 12th, 2018

    BitRewards is a blockchain rewards and loyalty platform and ecosystem that enables retailers to reward the purchases that their customers make, with cryptocurrency. The end-users are rewarded for their purchases with liquid Ethereum-based tokens, which can be redeemed against future purchases or offers, or transferred to another crypto-wallet and spent on other products or services. […]

    Deployed in Heilongjiang Province to Enable Easy Medical Insurance Management and Purchase of Medicine. WHAT IS THE BACKGROUND OF DEPLOYMENT OF THEKEY DMI TECHNOLOGY IN HEILONGJIANG PROVINCE? In Jan 2018, Heilongjiang Provincial Bureau of Social Insurance and THEKEY jointly announced the deployment of THEKEY DMI technology to the online social insurance system running in Heilongjiang […]
  • Databroker DAO: A Global Market for Local Data

    DataBroker DAO is the first marketplace to sell & buy sensor data. As a decentralized marketplace for Internet of Things (IoT) sensor data using Blockchain technology, DataBroker DAO enables sensor owners to turn generated data into revenue streams. This will open up a wealth of opportunities for various industries. Data will be used and become […]
  • Blockchain Nation

    At Crypto World Journal we believe that blockchain technology is a force that will help shape our future.  That is why our mission as a company is to “Build a Better Blockchain Community”. As part of our commitment to building a better blockchain community, we would like to introduce Blockchain Nation Miami (, “The Conference […]
  • Outlier Ventures becomes strategic investor in Ocean Protocol

    Outlier becomes strategic partner to support Ocean in building Decentralized Data Exchange Protocol to Unlock Data for AI London (20 December 2017) — Leading blockchain and Web 3.0 venture capital firm Outlier Ventures has today announced it has become strategic partner and investor in Ocean Protocol, the decentralised data exchange in development with the mission […]
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