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  • ASTON:Dreaming of a Paperless World

    The history of documentation began with the dawn of humanity. Mankind recorded information by painting drawings on cave walls or using hieroglyphs, after which it started printing them on paper, and now electronic documents have come into being with the advent of the Internet. Mr. Seung-gi Kim, CEO of CERTON, decided to take this one […]
  • Arbidex

    Disrupting the Cryptocurrency Exchange Market Unlike many other overhyped blockchain projects, it looks like the team behind Arbidex has already built an operating platform with a set of technical tools for an exchange arbitrage, that is interacting with several cryptocurrency exchanges accumulating about 10 million US dollars in deposits. Technical architecture and the efficiency of […]
  • Airclipse

    The Next Generation Work Platform Airclipse is a next generation work platform built for the blockchain. Built using the Ethereum network, the project sets out to bridge the gap between internal communication, workflow management and business networking using the Airclipse platform. With a working prototype already available and users already lined up to incorporate the […]
  • Aimwise

    Aimwise is Back to its Mission to Encourage Innovation Through Community Interaction Aimwise platform continues to be on its mission to create a comprehensive and dynamic framework for collective wisdom maximization and community engagement in the value determination process. Recently the Aimwise CEO spoke about the initial concept development for the Aimwise project, the interlinked […]

    Making Crypto-Investing accessible again Anyone that has experienced the 2008 crisis has been subjected to a plethora of financial jargon that makes medical jargon look like high school banter. Options, Swaps, OTC, CFD, futures, you name it. All highly complex products with rigorous mathematics behind it that only the selected few understand. If one of […]
  • A Truly Smart World with Flaws

    It’s the year 2035. As you slowly draw the curtains to let the morning sunlight come through your window, it illuminates the weather forecast for the rest of the day, suggesting specific outfits from your closet to coincide with the day’s climate. As you brush your teeth, your bathroom mirror notifies you an order for […]
  • Twitter CEO: Bitcoin will be the world’s ‘single currency’ in 10 years

    Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey apparently has big visions for bitcoin, commenting in arecent interview with The Times that he believes that the cryptocurrency will become the world’s single currency within 10 years. According to Dorsey, “The world ultimately will have a single currency, the internet will have a single currency. I personally believe […]
  • Coinbase Bug Allowed Users To Fund Wallets With Virtually Unlimited Ether

    Disclosed today, an exploit in Coinbase contracts allowed users to fund wallets with potentially unlimited amounts of Ether. Dutch researchers discovered the flaw, furnishing it to Coinbase in January. The Dutch firm, VI Company, was instrumental in identifying a Coinbase exploit that was – until today – largely unknown. Disclosed via the vulnerability tracking and […]
  • Hardware Wallet Demand in South Korea Grows Exponentially

    According to local reports in South Korea, demand for hardware wallets is increasing exponentially. The demand has stemmed from attempted hacks last year against domestic trading platforms like Upbit and Bithumb. Regional Reports Detail South Korean Hardware Wallet Demand is Rising South Korean cryptocurrency traders want to keep their digital assets safer after a few […]
  • Snowden Releases NSA Documents Showing Bitcoin Was “#1 Priority”

    Xkeyscore. MAC addresses. OAKSTAR. MONKEYROCKET. Edward Snowden is at it again. This time the world’s most notorious whistleblower has handed over National Security Agency (NSA) documentation to online investigative news outlet The Intercept revealing an invasive covert program to track bitcoin users using spy tools he uncovered during his infamous first go-round. The implications include the […]
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