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  • London Football Exchange A Blockchain Stock Exchange for Football

    According to the latest research, football finance is booming. The Deloitte Football Money League recently released its latest findings, in which it stated that aggregate revenue for the top 20 clubs in the world grew 6% Year-onYear from €7.4 billion to €7.9 billion. The biggest clubs in the world have ventured into the Asian market […]
  • : Launches the Cryptocurrency Exchange of the Future! is building a crypto exchange platform for the future. The platform is based on the most secure model ever created so far. SafeCrypt’s revolutionary technology is empowering the crypto trading community with the most advanced cascade encryption algorithms that are using the fastest network available. The company’s technology is the first of its kind […]
  • DocTailor Customises Legal Contracts on the Blockchain

    The new blockchain revolution has brought about a notable demand for smart contracts. Currently, there are few if any individuals who are making use of the services that have already been made available. In fact, while almost half of all senior executives believe there is value in smart contracts on the blockchain, and while they […]
  • XinFin Launches XDCE

    ABOUT XINFIN FINTECH PTE. LTD XinFin ( is a Singapore based Blockchain Technology Company that is focused on Business Process Efficiency improvement and has deployed Blockchain solutions for international trade and finance. XinFin has developed a highly scalable, secure, permissioned and commercial grade Hybrid Blockchain architecture by forking JP Morgan’s Quorum. With an aim to […]

    A blockchain-based platform, Verisart, aims to use the technology to not only protects artists’ work, but to also possibly revolutionize the art industry as a whole. Art is a multi-billion dollar industry. However, based on a recently released report, online sales only contribute 8% to this total, which amounts to approximately $5.4 billion. With the […]
  • Why Investors Are Betting Millions On Bitcoin Surveillance

    Tracking the myriad cryptocurrencies as they ping around the world en masse every day is no simple task. Ask 27-year-old British entrepreneur Jonathan Levin, co-founder and chief operating officer of Chainalysis, one of the hottest companies in the burgeoning business of digital currency tracking. In its early days, in 2014, Chainalysis would do its best to […]
  • Hard Cap Proposal By Buterin For Ethereum Not An April Fool’s Joke

    The 1st of April in 2018 saw plenty of announcements being made by prominent members of the blockchain world as a joke. CoinMarketCap jokingly made the ranking system for tokens work with them being valued in comparison to “Lambos” while someone of the likes of Vitalik Buterin even made the announcement that Ethereum is now […]
  • Ethereum Mining is About to Change Forever

    For better or worse, Ethereum mining is about to change forever. On Tuesday, China-based mining hardware manufacturer Bitmain began accepting preorders for the Antminer E3, the first Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) miner built for Ethash, the Proof-of-Work (PoW) consensus algorithm used to mine Ethereum and other similar cryptocurrencies. Rumors had been circulating for months […]
  • America’s Largest Bitcoin Exchange Is Going to Invest in Cryptocurrency Startups

    Coinbase was once described by investor Fred Wilson as being “like JPMorgan orGoldman Sachs for blockchain.” Now, the U.S.’s largest cryptocurrency exchange is itself set to become an investor in other companies that develop products and services for the virtual coin sector. The company on Thursday announced the formation of Coinbase Ventures, through which it […]
  • Cryptocurrency Demand is So Strong That Japan Can’t Find Enough Coders

    Japan is struggling to find enough coders and engineers to fill the seats of it’s booming cryptocurrency industry according to Reuters. Japan Needs More Qualified Coders When Coincheck was hacked in January losing $530 million worth of NEM tokens the company offered the excuse that it did not have the staff to maintain the security […]
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