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  • Where Do Bitcoins Go When They’re Lost?

    Although it could conceivably happen with any cryptocurrency, the conundrum of lost Bitcoins is the most common because of its market dominance and stratospheric rise in prices. Having been around since 2009, there has been a lot of time for people to lose track of where they put their Bitcoin or how to access their […]
  • Phantasma Protocol (SOUL) ICO Analysis: Next-Gen Decentralized Content Storage and Distribution

    Project Description Over the past few years, cloud storage has turned out to a highly functional technology. By allowing users store their files online and be able to access them whenever, from wherever, and with whatever device they want, cloud storage has grown very popular. To make uploaded files readily available, however, the companies that […]
  • NuCypher (NU) ICO Analysis: A Data Encryption Protocol for the Blockchain

    Project Description There is a certain limitation when it comes to storing and maneuvering private and encrypted data on blockchains, and NuCypher seeks to remove this limitation. The NuCypher project is a decentralized KMS — key management system — that will supposedly allow users store private data on a public blockchain and secure it with encryption. The protocol will […]
  • Kowala (mUSD) ICO Analysis: An Autonomously Stabilized Cryptocurrency

    Project Description For all the advantages that they bring as payment options, cryptocurrencies are notoriously volatile. To curb this volatility, a number of solutions have been proffered by a number of cryptocurrency projects with most of them attempting to deliver a stablecoin that has its value pegged to the US dollar. However, even the most […]
  • World Blockchain Summit | 19-20 July 2018, Singapore

    DO YOU HAVE A MILLION DOLLAR BLOCKCHAIN IDEA? Something that can cause not just a ripple but a tidal wave in the blockchain industry? We are inviting startups with bright and innovative ideas in blockchain technologies to compete in pitch competition to win the regional cup at World Blockchain Summit. One winning startup will in-turn compete […]
  • Securities Token Roundtable Meets to Upgrade ERC20 Smart Contracts for Blockchain based Security Token Offerings

    The flight to Barbados isn’t a short one.  I left home at 5am and didn’t get into Barbados until after midnight thanks to a minor delay caused by inclement weather surrounding Miami.  I heard that it’ll take roughly 35 hours for another person who’s coming into Barbados from Beijing tomorrow. People are coming from many […]
  • Meet Oasis Labs, the blockchain startup Silicon Valley is buzzing about

    Combining software with something the company calls “trusted hardware” will vastly expand what smart contracts can do. lockchain computer programs are pretty smart—that’s why we call them smart contracts—but they’re also pretty weak. If they’re going to achieve many of the lofty, world-changing goals that blockchain proponents say they will, like revolutionize health care and […]
  • Codex Protocol Announces New Ecosystem Members Providing Services To Fine Arts Industry

    Partners to utilize and contribute to provenance on Codex Record Codex Protocol, a leading decentralized title registry for the $2 trillion arts & collectibles (A&C) asset class, has announced key partners joining the Codex Ecosystem — a group of major A&C stakeholders spanning the complete spectrum of all industry partners, including collectors, auctioneers, dealers, museums, […]
  • Bank Of Canada Says Bitcoin Awareness, Usage Are Up

    A recent staff analytical note from Canada’s central bank points to increased bitcoin knowledge and utilization across the country. This month, the Bank of Canada, the country’s central bank, released a staff analytical note analyzing the results of a survey it conducted to assess the Canadian population’s general awareness of bitcoin. The survey took place […]
  • Ethereum Entering ‘Phase 2’ Following Launch of Most Complex DApp: Co-Creator

    At the RISE conference held in Hong Kong, the largest technology conference in Asia attended by 15,000 attendees, Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin said that the Ethereum blockchain has entered phase two of its development, following the launch of the most complicated app on its protocol. Hundreds of Thousands of Transactions Regularly As CCN previously reported, […]
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