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  • Gitz

    A Decentralised Referral Protocol. THE PLATFORM The Gitz Platform is a decentralised referral protocol, initially focussed on the recruitment sector. Sourcing good people, products, and customers quickly and cost effectively is hard for companies. GITZ will enable companies to tap into a large validated community of people from various fields, who can refer their networks […]
  • WandX

    Financial Instruments on ERC20 Tokens Using Smart Contracts One of the main functions of banking is to accept money from depositors and lend it to borrowers to grow their business or fund a project. Over the years, traditional lending by banks and financial institutions has been transformed by securitization and taken to the securities market, […]
  • Investing in an ICO?

    5 Questions to Ask Before Sending Your Money To invest in an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is to act as a venture capitalist. As such, you need a framework for evaluating the business venture. The purpose of an ICO is not for entrepreneurs to get rich; rather, to provide necessary startup funding. The ICO is […]
  • Introducing the Adblurb ICO, a Revolutionary New Concept that Changes the Future of Advertising Pre-Sale starts on 01/03/2018

    Manchester, U.K. – Adblurb is pleased to announce the imminent launch of a network that will change traditional marketing methods and revolutionize the advertising industry as it stands today. The system is based on Adblurb’s crypto currency, which will be used for electronically connected advertising transactions all over the world and provide benefits for advertisers […]
  • Why is Personal Data The Oil of the 21st Century?

    The internet has made it easier for businesses to launch new products and services, but also easier to waste time and money, and fail. The human imagination can launch endless new products and services. Now, low entry barriers (children can build simple websites), an increasingly interconnected world, and the rise of outsourcing have led to […]
  • Proof-Of-Green

    Blockchain Technology to Revolutionize the $1.35t Clean Energy Sector Governments and organizations are starting to embrace environmentally-friendly energy policies and are actively investing in Research and Development (R&D) that will lead to the creation of clean and renewable types of energy. Statistics reveal that the U.S. Clean Energy market cap was $200B for 2017, while […]
  • Etheal

    Etheal: Connecting One Billion Patients With The Best Possible Care How is Etheal using blockchain to reform a healthcare market validated by $270 million in VC investment? Read about the Etheal Business Model and User Acquisition Strategy. ONLINE MEDICAL COMPARISON SITES ARE DRIVING HEALTHCARE FORWARD Have you ever injured yourself while abroad and found yourself […]
  • Blockchain Brings Trust Back to Media in the Age of Fakenews

    By looking around at recent major media market and related startup events we have come to a conclusion: Media is heading towards decentralization today. Blockchain will transform our everyday transactions, because it’s capable to establish trust and able to provide a simple way to change ownership of almost any goods — even media contents. REPORTER […]
  • Airclipse

    The Next Generation Work Platform Airclipse is a next generation work platform built for the blockchain. Built using the Ethereum network, the project sets out to bridge the gap between internal communication, workflow management and business networking using the Airclipse platform. With a working prototype already available and users already lined up to incorporate the […]
  • vreo

    A New Way to Present, Measure and Monetize Ads, Secured Through Blockchain Technology. Digital advertising is a fast-growing industry, surpassing even TV advertising in volume in 2016. Mobile ad spending alone has reached around 100billion USD spent in 2016, with in-game advertising reaching around 20billion USD. However, a lot of the advertising budget is lost […]
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