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  • Markets Update: Cryptocurrencies Lose Over 20 Percent This Week

    The market value of all cryptocurrencies within the digital asset economy has dropped significantly over the past few days. Since last year’s all-time high, most cryptocurrencies have lost between 60-70% of those gains. While lots of coins are following suit in relative unison with BTC/USD market losses, some digital currencies have received more severe cuts […]
  • PBOC to Strengthen Cryptocurrency Regulations in 2018

    The People’s Bank of China (PBOC)’s Institute of International Finance has released a report identifying cryptocurrencies as a top priority for 2018. The document claims that widespread retail investment into cryptocurrencies has the potential to pose systemic risk to the Yuan, and also emphasizes the PBOC’s intention to expand its research and development into cryptocurrencies. […]
  • Governance in 0x Protocol Roadmap, timeline and the role of the ZRX token

    TL;DR 0x protocol’s pipeline of smart contracts can accommodate upgrades without downtime or disruption to markets. The ZRX token will drive a governance process that allows stakeholders tosecurely execute these protocol upgrades. ZRX as a fee token enhances governance by ensuring the token distribution converges on a representative sample of protocol stakeholders over time. 0x […]
  • Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange Approves for Sale on GBX Grid Platform

    The Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX) announced on Monday the approval of as the first token to be sold on the GBX Grid launch centre. is a decentralized Know Your Customer (KYC) network providing an inclusive KYC solution for cryptocurrency and blockchain organizations all throughout the ecosystem, leveraging smart contract and artificial intelligence technologies. […]
  • Unity lets developers use Kin cryptocurrency to reward gamers

    Game engine creator Unity Technologies has teamed up with messaging app company Kik to enable game developers to use Kik’s Kin cryptocurrency to reward players. Kik joined the crypto bandwagon in September, raising almost $100 million from the sale of its tokens, dubbed Kin. And now Kik, through the Kin Ecosystem Foundation, is signing deals […]
  • PCHAIN (PCH) ICO Analysis: A Multi-Chain Protocol For the Ethereum Virtual Machine

    Project Description The single-chain system provided by Bitcoin and Ethereum gave the world a good foundation for the consensus, synchronization, and security of blockchain data. By facilitating smart contracts, Ethereum, in particular, paved the way for the development of new types of applications. Despite all these, however, it is well-known that the Bitcoin and Ethereum […]
  • An Explanation For The Rise Of ‘Stable Coins’ As A Low-Volatility Cryptocurrency

    While cryptocurrencies have great potential to excel, the volatile nature and constant price fluctuations are some of the greatest criticisms directed towards the crypto market. After all, a useful currency should provide a store of value and unit of account, both of which require balance. As a result, there is a growing desire to bring […]
  • OKEx Resolves Futures Price Slip Impact As Trader Threatens Suicide

    Hong Kong cryptocurrency exchange OKEx announced it would take steps to address its Bitcoin futures contracts March 30 after “abnormal” pricing saw one user even threaten suicide at its head office. In a message to traders, OKCoin’s exchange, whose quarterly futures market posted significantly lower BTC/USD readings than the global market this week, blamed the […]
  • Intel’s Application For A Patent Relating To Cars And Blockchains Published

    Intel filed a patent application, which was recently published, for a system that would allow vehicles to transmit data to third parties in a way that protects the driver/owner’s privacy. The system would accomplish this, in part, by using blockchain technology, private key encryption, and zero-knowledge proofs. In late 2016, the technology and manufacturing giant […]
  • Not Dead: There’s Good Reason to Be Long on Bitcoin

    With western Christianity set to celebrate the basis of its theology this weekend, bitcoiners the world over might be showing up to churches in droves, hoping one resurrection might lead to another. The ecosystem’s main prophet, Tom Lee of Fundstrat Global Advisors, has outlined four reasons why enthusiasts ought to be bullish on the future: […]
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