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  • Why are investment bankers worried?

    Ten years after the global financial crisis, dark clouds are threatening to descend once more. Could the global economy survive another major bank default? To prevent another financial storm, the European Union has taken action by cracking open the highly-guarded banking industry to competition. At the start of this year the banking industry as a […]
  • Universal Reward Protocol is fixing broken loyalty programs of retailers and brands.

    Nearly all U.S. consumers think retail loyalty programs are broken according to a new survey but Universal Reward Protocol finds that consumers value reward programs and feel they need to be greatly improved. This is not the end of loyalty programs but the beginning of a new rewarding system thanks to Universal Reward Protocol (URP) On […]
  • Tokenization — a whiff of fresh air in the economy

    Just a year ago, tokenization was a novelty. Today it has already triggered certain, for now, minor changes that are believed to very soon make a shift in the economic paradigm. What’s it all about? It turns out that modern world economics has a bit of problems that are mostly related to the accounting and […]
  • The Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange Announces Official Launch To The Public

    The Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX), which aims to position itself as a world-leading institutional-grade token sale platform and Digital Asset Exchange, has undergone its official full-scale launch today. The newly launched exchange is now open to members of the public and will feature fiat onboarding for customers, as well as a number of trading pairs, […]
  • Wisconsin Libertarian Candidate For Governor Accepts Crypto Donations, Praises Blockchain Tech

    Phil Anderson, chair of the Libertarian Party of Wisconsin, is immersed in his campaign for governor. His platform represents various libertarian ideals, such as economic freedom, criminal justice reform, and educational choice. True to his party, he is circumspect of governmental intervention and regulation. He also believes in the power of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. […]
  • Any Truth To EOS Investor Claim That The Blockchain Now Handles 5,000 Transactions Per Second?

    Michael Novogratz recently made headlines with a bold assertion during an interview with TheStreet that the EOS blockchain is, “already doing 5,000 transactions a second. It should be doing 50,000 transactions per second in a few months.” Novogratz is not exactly an impartial party. He is the CEO of Galaxy Investment Partners, the venture capital […]
  • Blockchain technology can claim to be one of the best discoveries over the last decades, near to such important mankind’s inventions as the creation of the Internet

    I’m not going to describe all the advantages of blockchain, but the decentralization inherent within it holds enormous potential for effective interaction between an infinite number of participants-partners-colleagues. Such terms as crowdfunding, or coworking, will change substantively soon due to decentralization. The year 2017 has already demonstrated to us a new type of crowdfunding, the […]
  • The Power of Peer to Peer Lending

    Two billion people worldwide lack access to a bank account or financial institution and have to use alternative payment methods to conduct transactions. This signals a huge vacuum for easier access to financial transactions that, once filled, would lift huge barriers to economic growth for the marginalised across the globe. To tackle the issue, the […]
  • How will regulatory crackdowns impact future ICOs?

    Is the world round or flat? Neither. The world is in fact an Excel spreadsheet. Really? No, but something similar. In a few short years the emergence of Blockchain technology, a continuous list of records in its simplest description, has revolutionised businesses across the globe. Thus it’s no surprise that 2018 has brought intense global […]
  • Crypto platform to tokenise multi-billion franchise industry

    2018 is a big year for blockchain with no sector exempt from the tidal waves of the fourth revolution where technological innovation reenacts the powerful words of 20th century political economist, Joseph Schumpeter, “creative destruction is the essential fact about capitalism.” For years the multi-billion dollar franchise industry has been booming along with the upbeat […]
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