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  • The Bitcoin Man, Herbert Sim Joins TEVEL as Investor and Advisor

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ISRAEL, Tel Aviv, 29 April 2019 – TEVEL, a location based social media platform, integrated with blockchain technology, is pleased to announce that Herbert Rafael Sim, the founder of world’s oldest repository for compiling blockchain and crypto research papers — Crypto Chain University, also commonly known within the industry as the guy […]
  • Resistance Reimagines the DEX Experience

    The rise of the distributed exchange has long been predicted by a wide range of leading industry figures. Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance has been quoted as saying: “I believe that decentralized exchanges are the future. I don’t know when that future will come. But we’ve got to be ready for it.” However, not all […]
  • Bitcoin backed Ethereum

    Bitcoin and Ethereum are the two largest cryptocurrencies. They are behemoths of the crypto world. Crypto investors tend to fall in to two categories. Bitcoin maximalists and Ethereum maximalists who believe that one day “the flippening” will occur and Ethereum will steal Bitcoins crown. But now the two are to come together a new coin […]
  • Christie’s experiments with Blockchain

    Christie’s is a world famous British auction house. It was founded by James Christie in 1766. Its main offices are on King Street, St, James’s in London and also in the Rockefeller Center in New York City. The company is owned by by Groupe Artémis, the holding company of François-Henri Pinault. In 2015 sales totalled […]
  • Crypto Mergers and Acquisitions

    Last year was a bad year for crypto. Many ICO’s saw the funds they raised massively depleted by the drop in the price of Ethereum and the crypto market in general. Another issue has been that even ICO’s whose fundamentals are good and are profitable have seen their token prices fall in line with bitcoin, […]
  • Crypto Exchanges for Beginners

    For those just getting started in the world of crypto investment, the process can seem complex and daunting. With a wide range of industry-specific terms and alien sounding investments just where do you get started? Here is a handy guide to taking your first steps into crypto and reviews of some of the exchanges you […]
  • Blockchain to disrupt advertising

    There has been much debate of late of the huge influence that the tech oligarchs have over the economy, politics and the general fabric of society. Claims have been made that social media damages mental health. Google has been accused of a left wing bias. Russia has been accused of using Facebook to influence the […]
  • Are new stablecoins stealing Tethers crown?

    Tether holds the crown as the most prolific and widely traded stablecoin. It is pegged to the value of the US dollar with a one-to-one ratio. However, a range of alternative dollar pegged stablecoins with different implementations and strategies have been issued recently and they often trade at a premium to Tether. As these stablecoins […]
  • Are institutional investors coming to crypto?

    It is often said that crypto will remain on the fringe of the financial world until it is accepted by institutional investors. But institutional investors are getting more involved in cryptocurrency markets than you may realize. Hedge funds have replaced high net-worth individuals as the main buyers of large amounts of cryptocurrency according to Bobby […]
  • An Introduction to the Stellar Lumens Community

    With no doubt, I can say that Stellar has one of the strongest communities around its token in the crypto space. The most important part of their community that drives the innovation is the Stellar Build Challenge. It’s responsible for funding the most useful tools build upon Stellar. Let’s take a deeper look! Introduction to […]
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