Alex Lightman ICO Crowd Interview Questions

1. How can AR and Blockchain work together?

Blockchain and Augmented Reality are two very unique technologies as we know already, and not necessarily seen as an obvious combination, however, the way we have aligned these two technologies together is quite unique in that the AR is used as the method of content capture and delivery, while blockchain is used to secure the ownership and provenance of the content. Blockchain also enables the creation of a token economy that allows content producers and consumers to reward and incentivize based on the activities within our ecosystem.

2. What is Scanetchain’s perspective of AR?

Scanetchain perspective of AR is that visual technologies should be enablers in our daily lives, most AR has been used for entertainment and fun which is of big value, but we believe it should be a catalyst technology to simplify our lives.

3. What is a Marker and what is matching data?

A marker is an image or content that can be scanned. It can really be anything, a logo, face, product or building. Basically, anything you can take a picture of can be a marker.

Matching data is the content, link or action that can be associated with the marker. Matching data can be anything that a content producer would like to show or share with people.

4. Why is Scanetchain an AR Blockchain Platform?

What is unique about our service is that it is not just an app or dapp. It is a platform that can directly tie in through API’s into legacy systems and databases to enable the AR based functions that our service enables, we also have a cloud streaming infrastructure that is part of the service that reduces the stress on devices. Users do not have to download AR content which can cause storage issues on their device, as well as affect the data charges. We stream all content directly. The service also allows all users to contribute content that can be scanned and viewed by others, it is a multi-directional platform.

5. How do you position your business in relation to relevant services?

We are a platform company that provides a service that enables people to use their mobile device to search by scanning. It is also a decentralized service where anyone can upload and share relevant searchable content. Our platform is also able to connect through to other legacy advertising or commerce platforms acting as an enabler. The fact that we built the service as a platform and that the decentralization enables open access to the masses is what sets us apart from other services that may share similar business cases.

6. What role does blockchain play in your business?

Blockchain plays a big part in the service, since the main part of the service is about uploading and creating content for others to view and access, protection of the content and provenance of the content is important. Through a service in NEM called Apostille, users can Notarize the content which essentially is registering the ownership of that content, where the time/date of registration and ownership information is stored on the immutable ledger protecting the rights and ownership around that content.
We also utilize the tokenization functions in Blockchain to enable a token economy that allows both content producers and consumers to reward and incentivize each other for the quality of content. Advertisers, brands and producers can incentivize users that view their content, users who view content can also reward producers, it is a two-way system.
We use a consensus algorithm called “Proof of Activity” where all interaction within our ecosystem is rewarded with SWC tokens which can then be used within the platform. Token holders can use the tokens for rewards/incentives with our partners such as discounts on products and services that can be used within the ecosystem to enable extended use of the AR marker and Matching data functions.

7. What is the ecosystem of Scanetchain?

The ecosystem is a Hybrid model that includes on-chain and off-chain components, built on the NEM Blockchain. We enable a decentralized ecosystem of content producing, sharing, rewarding and consuming.

8. How does Tokenization work?

All users have the ability to use and share their tokens from a utility standpoint where they will need to use SWC to upload markers and matching data, they will also be able to use SWC as a rewarding/incentivization mechanism while interacting with others and content.

9. How long will it take for users to utilize Tokens?
We are building on the NEM Blockchain. We anticipate that this build will be complete by February 2019. We have already started the development of the off-chain components which consists primarily of the AR based functions so once that is fully configured we will implement the on-chain build. Users will be able use their tokens within the ecosystem at that time.

10. What are the next steps to your business?

We just launched our crowd sale on Aug.10, we launched a public open beta Android app at the end of June, and will launch the iOS version in Sept. At the end of the crowd sale we will list the SWC token on 3 exchanges that we have already confirmed and from there we will start the commercial business operations where we will start to deliver in our use cases to partners and customers, all while we finalize the NEM Blockchain build. It is an exciting time for us and we can’t wait to get users on board our service. Don’t Search just Scan It!

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