The Next Generation Work Platform

Airclipse is a next generation work platform built for the blockchain. Built using the Ethereum network, the project sets out to bridge the gap between internal communication, workflow management and business networking using the Airclipse platform. With a working prototype already available and users already lined up to incorporate the platform in their day to day operations, a successful ICO and exciting developments seem imminent.

The Airclipse platform consists of an internal communication space, whereby colleagues can communicate in groups or privately, regarding tasks and other issues that may need addressing in a manner which unites teams, aiming to result in a boost of team morale and the elimination of communication breakdown between peers.

Alongside the communication space, Airclipse features a workflow planner allowing tasks and deadlines to be set with ease. The planner allows teams to easily visualize who is working on what to avoid any crossover, which has proved costly for businesses during the team’s research. Updates are available to see within each specific task enabling teams and management to monitor the progress of any given project. Using artificial intelligence and unique algorithms, the platform also displays vital team statistics with a click of a button, including team morale, task completion rates and top performers to induce a healthy competition within the workplace.
Smart contracts can be easily deployed to provide an agreement between individuals, teams and management to ensure specifics of each tasks are adhered to, such as deadlines, completion rates and quality of work etc. Allowing staff to work autonomously has proved a major motivation tool in the workplace. With the Airclipse smart contracts, individuals know exactly what is required of them and by when for any given task, allowing management to focus on other aspects of the business.

Airclipse introduces a unique business networking tool for all users. Individual profiles display professional information, testimonials from others, accolades of achievements from day to day operations which all remain transparent and immutable thanks to the reliable nature of blockchain technology.

Professionals can connect and see validated information and an accurate representation of an individual’s day to day work ethic and competency with great ease due to this transparency. The recruitment industry has regarded this approach as a helpful tool, saving time and money on validating users on their network, as information will be clear to see and trustworthy.

The native Airclipse token (ACL) will be essential on the platform to maximize the use of the innovative new features Airclipse are introducing to daily workflow. Colleagues can tip and reward each other using the token to encourage great teamwork, increase motivation and so forth. In the event of a disagreement within a team, or in the case a vote is required to find the fairest result for all, ACL tokens can be used to vote for the best outcome for the team. Tokens can also be used in order to easily integrate other existing applications onto the platform that users may need in order to work in the most efficient manner possible. Integrating essential applications provides each user with a bespoke platform, tailored to their exact needs. No longer do we need to waste memory, time and money on applications which simply do not get used.

ACL tokens are stored as ERC223 tokens, as opposed to the ever familiar ERC20 Ethereum
token. ERC223 is the latest advancement of the Ethereum token, which remains compatible with ERC20 however offers many advantages and improvements regarding their technology and tradability.

The Airclipse Project came to light after the team had observed many serious inefficiencies in various workplaces. There were lapses in communication, overlapping tasks, high staff turnover, low motivation and morale and the systems the target market were using were generic and did not cater to the needs of the teams using them. The Airclipse platform ensures that businesses will be using only the features and applications they actually need, whilst cost effectively improving efficiency and keeping their teams motivated and engaged. After spending over a year observing many different office environments, the problems remained consistent and research and feedback was noted and implemented into the project. As opposed to many unsuccessful ICO’s, the Airclipse team spent vast amounts of time collecting feedback from the target customers themselves to ensure the platform met the needs of the customers they aim to serve.

Sydney based and headed by C.E.O Thomas Doan, Airclipse is driven by a highly dedicated and talented team of developers, marketing specialists, community managers and backed by widely regarded advisors with strong partnerships in the blockchain space already cemented.

The project boasts a solid 5-year plan, avoiding taking on too much too soon as longevity is key with the goal being leaders in the field amongst the blockchain space. Step by step, Airclipse will create a lean, practical and easy to use work platform from the ground up, based on user feedback and insight. The advanced features can be easily integrated based on user requirement, to offer a tailored solution to every user. Once complete, the business social platform will be incorporated to expand the Ariclipse community and revolutionize the way in which professionals connect and display their skills and achievements. Airclipse sets out to improve the way teams work in any given industry, and will take full advantage of the immutable, trustworthy and transparent nature of blockchain technology.

Airclipse ICO will commence March 15th, 2018. Details of the crowdsale and bounty hunter opportunities are available at www. along with the alpha prototype, whitepaper, blogs and more.

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