Aira. ICO first phase

  • by Sergei Lonshakov
  • August 8, 2017
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Aira’s first successful 1st ICO phase finished on the 28th of May. Aira issued tokens of an Autonomous Intelligent Robot (= Air token) and formed a project development fund.
Token distribution is one of the most interesting economic tasks! An inner project token is not only a chance to raise money for the project, a token is a key element of the vital capacity of the infrastructure that you are building. Encouraging the usage of the inner token in the project modules under development and also creating a working module of the infrastructure so that using of the inner token is stimulated, will help the project to come through any trials.

Distribution of air tokens, phase 1

On May 25, 2017 the Airalab team published a release of the Aira project titled Foundation. By May 28th we had distributed 1,000,000 tokens of our autonomous intelligent robot to the genesis investors.
Air is an internal capital token of the conception “Responsive robot economics”. For the realization of this conception we aim the forming of an infrastructure of smart contracts around using the air token and instruments of working with them in the Ethereum network. It will turn the air token into an inner capital asset of the environment that is being created.

Aira project layers

AIRAAfter successfully completing this economic experiment, for which about 6 months are set aside, the Airalab team will fulfil the second phase of the token distribution in an auction format. The total amount of tokens will go to 10,000,000. This will show the market evaluation of the capitalization of robot economics infrastructure that we created.

Time Line of Aira Project

● First mentions of Aira in the interview to forklog
● Decentralization research of the Internet of things
● Aira IoT and Aira ROS Bridge are developed
● Project on direct economical relationships between a man and a robot “Drone-employee” is presented

Deep dive into Ethereum and supporting the association in Russia
● Investigations and development in the sphere of creating decentralized autonomous organizations
● Publication of smart contracts being created in GitHub into the repository Aira core
● DAO Factory is developed and implemented into the project work DAO IPCI.
● Development of autonomous agent interfaces. Aira interface release 0.1.0
● Beginning of cooperation with Microsoft Russia about training work with Ethereum net
● Building-up the pattern of projecting autonomies

● Beginning of the work concerning the robot economics doctrine
● Publication of the project Aira 0.7 release — Robot liability prototype
● Presentation of the project Aira at Bitcoin & Blockchain conference Moscow 2017
● Publication of the project Aira 0.8 «Proof-of-R&D» release
● Aira release 0.9 “Foundation” May 25th 2017
● The first phase of ICO has been finished May 28th

All AIR’s
Unsold tokens in phase 1 and 2 will be sent to the contract of the Airalab developers’ congress and will be spent by ways of grants, aimed at infrastructure development by using an Air token in the processes of robots direct work with the obligation market. The main requirement to tasks results from the Airalab developers’ congress names is the outspokenness of the results and their publication in one of the existing Airalab repositories in GitHub. There is compulsory publication in the data archive in the IPFS net with a notification to the developers’ congress. The existing Airalab repositories in GitHub, whose development will be stimulated by the fund, are the following: Aira, Aira-IoT, Aira ros bridge, DAO Factory, dapp-aira, core. The rest of the repositories, existing nowadays in GitHub of the Airalab organization, do not participate in financing by the fund. The given list of the repositories does not limit the possibility of creating new repositories within the Aira project, if the aim of their creation is developing the Aira project.

Distribution the air tokens, phase 1

AiraAt the phase 1 Air tokens will be distributed in 3 directions.
The 1st direction: to the balance of a smart contract of the developers’ congress from the fund, for supporting the association and motivating the implementation into the modules development by the group using the Air token.
The 2nd direction: personal motivation of the project founders (congress participants). The tokens of the founders will be frozen for 1.5 years.

The 3rd direction: distribution to genesis investors. The Air token distribution at the first phase is conducted without an auction at the fixed price and is aimed at supporting the earlier version of the project.

On successful result of the experiment concerning the creation of careful robot economics the token will be the most important unit of the system. Because if we want the robot economics market to be able to take on the role of the further activity coordination, stimulation and regulation performed by machines in the human society, it is necessary to form its capital assets, because the capital is the driving force of the market. Subesequently, we are now ready to move to the second stage of the token distribution.

The plan for the second “estimating” phase of the Air token distribution

This phase has the following goals:
(а) searching for a fair price of Air tokens by ways of an auction;
(b) raising the available number of Air tokens for any user of Ethereum net;
(с) transparent and fair distribution of the tokens for everybody;
(d) extension of financing by the fund concerning the projects having participated in the experimental phase;
(e) further development of the robots economic infrastructure in Ethereum net and other peer-to-peer networks realizing the support of smart contracts on the ground of an open back code from Airalab repositories in GitHub.

We will use the scheme resembling the one made by GNOSIS, but unpurchased tokens will stay not in the company or the fund, they will be distributed proportionally between the genesis investors of the first phase with the help of a distillation сube smart contract.

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