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  • Aimwise Is Back to Its Mission to Encourage Innovation Through Community Interaction

Aimwise Is Back to Its Mission to Encourage Innovation Through Community Interaction

  • by Leo Liu
  • December 1, 2017
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Aimwise platform continues to be on its mission to create a comprehensive and dynamic framework for collective wisdom maximization and community engagement in the value determination process. Recently the Aimwise CEO spoke about the initial concept development for the Aimwise project, the interlinked operational elements of the platform and outlines of the new partnership initiatives that the project has established with ICO Crowd.

“A core value preposition for Aimwise has always been shaping an open and competitive global network that allows the detection of the most promising and investable initiatives through crowd engagement. Therefore, transparency and an open multi-channelled interaction between the Aimwise development team, the industry participants and regulators are crucial elements that will define the success of the project in the future”

states Mr. Liu. he added “In order for the platform to scale globally, incorporate all the necessary functionalities reflecting the market needs and allow the platform to function in a highly efficient manner, the Aimwise project decided to establish cooperation with ICO Crowd. We believe that this team’s initiative to increase awareness about Blockchain technology through education will be a complement to the accumulation of the smart capital in the Blockchain industry in the long run, where decisions will be based on the informed choice of the community members. We are very excited about our partnership and believe that the Aimwise project will gain a global scale with a team of contributors, industry experts and blockchain advocates all around the world. We will continue achieving our vision now from London”.

  • Setting a context – initial concept development for Aimwise platform

The Last 2 years have witnessed a great number of projects aiming to put themselves in the frontline of the Blockchain ecosystem development, while attracting financing through TGEs. Those projects have been initiated in a diverse range of geographical locations and involved large numbers of professionals, experts, contractors, investors and in some cases even the regulators. Yet, from the very beginning each of the interest groups in the crypto ecosystem have been experiencing different types of challenges such as the complexity of finding and forming professional teams for project execution, absence of information transparency, counterparty risk, insufficient levels of competence in the evaluation of projects, regulatory uncertainty, and a failure to achieve fair token valuation equilibrium. When we, the Aimwise team, first initialised the concept of our project in November 2016, we were aware of those risk factors and saw a great value in designing a distributed platform that would form a strong alliance, between the diverse interest groups and create the right incentives for each of them. We formed a global team of professionals that had a great desire to leverage their experience and knowledge and provide a highly secure, transparent and legally compliant platform.

  • What does Aimwise represent exactly?

Aimwise is a combination of five interlinked operational elements working in conjunction with one another:

  1. A Team-building, cooperation and experience sharing mechanism for crypto enthusiasts, cross-industry experts and new project initiators all around the world. It allows creation of the new business models, new types of employment as well as getting rid of the inefficient intermediary circles in the business process.
  2. A Democratic, fully transparent, decentralized and interactive method of evaluation and assessment of a projects’ credibility.
  3. Availability of the diverse set of automated and standardised tools to initiate and complete project financing on a global scale that creates a fair level playing field for the projects.
  4. A protocol that uses the crowdsale process itself to determine the common perception of the token’s present value.
  5. The ultimate portfolio management tool utilising the project assessment and portfolio optimization algorithms to provide Blockchain enthusiasts with an automatic engine to contribute their funds to the projects that meet their interests, vision and requirements.

Thus, the Aimwise platform creates a comprehensive and dynamic framework for collective wisdom maximization and community engagement in the value determination process.

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Aimwise project co-founder and CEO
Leo Liu has a diverse background in the commercial field, graduated from the University of Manchester in Economics, experienced in quantitative trade systems, crypto-currency exchange and multiple other Blockchain applications development.