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Affine Global LLP Multi-Lingual ‘Blockchain Declaration’ Meets Deadline of 2 November, 2017

Affine Global LLP and the Affine Network together with ALTX Africa Group Ltd. confirmed today that at 23:54 on 2 November the last ‘Note of Consensus’ was posted by a node in Tel Aviv onto a private blockchain. The validation of the final message marked the successful completion of a 43-hour international test across four continents to combine these ‘Consensus Notes’ to form the “Blockchain Declaration.”

An African proverb says: If you want to go quickly you can go alone, but if you want to go far you must go together.”

— Entrepreneur and Author of The Third Wave, Steve Case

London based Affine Global developed a blockchain designed for transparency and it was first tested with Somalia in May 2016. Affine Global is the founding member of The Affine Network. ALTX Africa Group is a holding company for the ALTX High Frequency Trading Exchange in Kampala, Uganda. CEO Joseph Kitamirike commented “Our low latency platform combined with the transparency of blockchain will make ALTX East Africa a hub for regional and international trading.”

The Blockchain Declaration reads: “This Eternal Note validates the truth of messages contributed by members reaching consensus to achieve peace and prosperity through technology.”

The agreed deadline was 12 midnight GMT+2 on 2 November, 2017. Participants were asked to post “Notes of Consensus” in languages including Luganda, Arabic, Mandarin and English.

Tal Shechtman, Affine Global Member, said, “This fast integration of decentralized messages was only possible by the arrival of The Third Wave technology – blockchain, artificial intelligence and neural networking”.

Affine Global Founder, Peter Clarke, added, “This collaboration is unique as it linked entrepreneurs from Africa, Asia and the Middle East. It provides hope that Churchill will be proven correct when he said, ‘The empire of the future is the empire of the mind.’ Only the trustless nature of blockchain can lead to a cooperation across borders whilst respecting sovereignty.”

Affine Global Member and ICO Crowd Magazine Publisher Ismail (“Ish”) Malik commented, “We can now go both quickly and far together whether exchanging traditional or virtual messages of social or financial value. The token economy is global, fast, cheap and inclusive.”

Affine Global Senior Advisor Africa Nasir recounted what motivated the company to adopt a complex technology, based on open source code. “We realized the potential of blockchain for Africa with a version released in March 2016. Everybody contributed to create a system in time to test between London and Mogadishu on May 8, 2016. We worked non-stop for 10 weeks and when Somalia closed for elections we just kept going and going. That’s what entrepreneurs do.”

Kathryn Beresford
Affine Global LLP

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