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  • AdEx: Disrupting the State of Online Advertising through Blockchain

AdEx: Disrupting the State of Online Advertising through Blockchain

  • by Vanina Ivanova
  • July 13, 2017
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AdEx Ico Crowd

AdEx is a decentralized advertising exchange aiming to solve the key issues that the advertising industry faces today: violation of end user privacy; misleading reports for advertisers; ad fraud; increasing ad blocker use; etc. Our mission is to create an ad network that enables trustless consensus and creates an ecosystem that is beneficial for all the parties involved in the advertising process.

The most prominent issue in advertising today is ad fraud: the fraudulent representation of ad impression, clicks, conversions, etc. to generate revenue. Existing ad networks have fraud-prevention mechanisms in place but they are not transparent and advertisers only rely on the information, provided by the networks.

Blockchain creates a ledger where anyone can track a particular ad and get data that indicates where it was shown, how many times it was seen, who it was broadcasted to, how much money broadcasting cost, and so on. This creates full transparency in the ad delivery and verification process.

To acquire or sell advertising property within the AdEx networks, participants will use the ADX token. It will be based on Ethereum, a decentralized platform that allows users to run smart contracts in a cryptographically secure manner.

The token crowd sale will be facilitated by the WINGS DAO. 80% of the available ADX tokens will be offered to the general public. AdEx will use the proceeds of this ICO to fund the development of the AdEx exchange prototype.

Investors who want to participate in this ICO will have to do so using ETH, the native cryptocurrency of the Ethereum network. The token price will be set 3 days prior to the crowd sale. Unsold tokens will be locked for 12 months. AdEx will use them to promote the company’s services and incentivize the adoption of the AdEx exchange.

AdEx is supported by WINGS, BITMAIN Technologies and Stremio. Our advisory board is very strong, and since the announcement of the crowd sale, the project has gained significant traction.

For more information about AdEx, visit

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Vanina has more than 12 years of experience in advertising, digital marketing and ad tech. She has ran and managed significant digital marketing projects in the fintech industry, and has been a part of the marketing and communications team of a major cloud global storage provider.