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PlexCoin is the next decentralized worldwide cryptocurrency, based on the Ethereum structure. Its mission is to broaden the possibilities of uses and to increase the number of users by simplifying the process of managing cryptocurrency to the maximum.



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Thank you for your interest in this white paper. We worked hard in order to provide you with intelligible and detailed information on our company.
People who are used to reading white papers will notice that this one is slightly different. Keep in mind that our products are intended for the general public and not only for cryptocurrency experts. We thus simplified certain passages and provided detailed explanations. This may seem banal to some people, but it is necessary for the novices of the field.

This document is not a prospectus. It was constituted for informational purposes only, in order to present PlexCorps' products. No purchase is necessary. You are free to take part in the project or not. It is your responsibility to review the existing laws in your country before buying PlexCoin. You must read, understand and accept the terms of this document before involving yourself in the project.

2.1. Who are we?

PlexCoin is the first product offered by PlexCorps. Who is behind PlexCorps? We currently are a team of 53 people, men and women from all over the world who have a common goal: improving global financial services by simplifying the use of cryptocurrency in a manner that everybody can easily integrate it in their life. In other words, we are here to change the financial world as we currently know it.

2.2. Confidentiality

Since the launch of and of our Facebook page, people ask us why did we not publish our white paper since the beginning, just like other ICOs. One of the many reasons that influenced this decision is that we are different. We do not copy others' websites, documents or systems. PlexCoin has one goal, and its team will never lose sight of it. We do not compare ourselves to other ICOs. Let's take a look at the main reason why we did not make the white paper available before now.

Lately, lots of companies and organizations have launched their own ICO. There are new ones every day. People want to easily finance the development of their company. Every idea can be good; you may want to fund decentralized dental services or you may want to decentralize instant messaging services.

We wanted to avoid a tricky situation: a situation in which people could have read our white paper and develop our concept before we even launch it. We thus decided to make you linger a little bit! Here it is, and our pre-sale begins in a few hours.

We know that eventually, we will have to display the names of some of our executives. However, we will try to remain discreet until all of our projects are launched. Nonetheless, we will never mention the names of our employees and subcontractors. This rule is paramount for our projects' security and for the people around us to remain safe.

2.3. Team background

More and more people join our team every day. Experts of their own field bring their contribution to our ambitious project, which is to change the financial world.
In our entourage, there are:
- Former managers of the finance field;
- Prosperous company founders;
- Specialists in private fund management;
- Lawyers, notaries, accountants and renowned tax experts;
- A business development manager;
- A risk management supervisor;
- A regulation manager;
- A marketing manager;
- A complete team of programmers-analysts;
- A back-end, front-end and network architects team;
- A renowned network security and Cloud specialist;
- A large team responsible for the social networks;
- A large customer service team;

PlexCorps gathers all types of specialists for the accomplishment of its mission. The team grows rapidly. If after reading this white paper you wish to join us and if you think that you can bring valuable expertise to the company, please send your résumé and a transmittal letter at

2.4. Our experience

A lot of PlexCorps' team members have solid experience with cryptocurrency and with blockchain technology. Indeed, we hire the best people of each area. This has become possible thanks to a company structure that allows employees to work remotely. Instead of only hiring people who are from around our offices, we can see the bigger picture and have access to the best of the best, no matter where they are around the world.

We learn new things each and every day. Even if we are surrounded by the best of each field, we advocate for knowledge sharing between employees. We are ready to take on any challenge. We have run feasibility studies for our projects. We know that we can deliver our projects within the deadlines.

Important: The decision to buy PlexCoin or not should not be made solely on the company's information or according to the information provided on our personnel. You must think about the potential success of the product and think about how we will change and improve the financial sector.

2.5. Message from the President

Motivated by our willingness to meet the members' expectations, we can affirm today with pride that PlexCorps will have a major impact on the cryptocurrency world. We are focused on our mission more than ever. We want to make the cryptocurrency technology accessible to all by simplifying its management and use to the maximum. The banking sector and the finance world will have to converge to the cryptocurrency path in a near future.

In order to achieve our goal, we rely on five strategical linchpins. According to us, they are essential for success and growth. Here they are:

- Ensure that our members live the best experience;
- Distinguish ourselves by offering unique and effective quality products and services;
- Deploy our unique strategy, which is doing things differently;
- Surround ourselves with the most talented team;
- Access some financial flexibility in order to invest in our most promising projects.

We are proud to tell to each member that they are at the heart of every decision of the company. We always go the extra mile for our customers. At the decentralization and cryptocurrency era, we are fully engaged in connecting with our members, wherever they are.

It is a fact that applies to each of our products! PlexCorps will keep on growing by focusing on client satisfaction, on the talent of its employees, on innovation and on the performance of its products.

2.5. Message from the President

2.6. Anonymity
PlexCorps' and PlexCoin's priorities are your safety and the confidentiality of your operations. How do you want us to be able to guarantee you a total confidentiality if we reveal our identity? Any organization could then contact us, visit us and scrutinize our operations (and yours)! This is not what we want.

We are not funding a standard credit card company or an insurance decentralization company. We are talking about a major change in the financial system. Are you not tired of paying substantial fees to your bank? They make billions of dollars every year! These financial institutions lend you money that does not even belong to them, at a high interest rate. This money comes from people's savings accounts, and they only give back a tiny amount.

The 1 000 richest banks cumulated a profit of 920 billion dollars in 2013, according to The Banker's ranking. (RE: 01) We are talking about 2013. Imagine what it is today, in 2017, and what it will be in 2018 and 2019. We have to stop this phenomenon.

This is the main reason why we will remain quiet for as long as possible as to our identity. We want to improve our services and keep on improving them. We are convinced that our projects will make today's banks almost unnecessary. This will be disturbing. For safety purposes, we decided to remain anonymous, even if it means to work harder in order to earn people's trust. We are persuaded that you will learn to trust us over time.

Important: You are free to not take part in this ICO if the fact that we are remaining anonymous in order to provide a competitive product makes you uncomfortable. You can watch the train go by and lose the chance to be part of a great change if this is what you wish.

2.7. Our offices

Our offices are currently based in the heart of Singapore. Our team works remotely and is located all over the world. We embrace this type of organization because we do not rely on the availability of our offices in order to provide services. We are able to keep on working in case of any extreme situation such as a power failure, a major accident, a fire or a flood at the headquarters. Not depending on a physical area to provide services is a great thing. It reduces the risk of dependence to a sole workplace.

We are in the process of opening new offices in Switzerland, in the Bern area.

2.8. The market

The global money market is enormous, and more and more virtualized, which is very profitable to us. Indeed, paper money is on the path to extinction. It is very difficult, if not impossible, to carry US$ 100 000 cash confidentially from Paris to Miami. The only way to successfully do that is by an interbank transfer, which means that financial institutions and governments can look up your transaction. In other words, you are not totally free to use your money how you want to. How much money is in circulation on the planet? First, you need to know that about 90% of the money is virtual. Indeed, only 10% of all the money is found in the form of either bills or coins. In terms of numbers, we estimated that in 2013 there were about 10 trillion dollars (US) circulating around the world. Moreover, we acknowledge an exponential increase of the total global value of money. (REF: 02) The potential cryptocurrency market is wide and within our reach. The only missing elements are easy-to-use and accessible tools.

2.9. Issues

Many issues with cryptocurrency have been reported. The most important of them concerns its process of purchase, of sale and of exchange. This is perhaps not true for a young adult to whom the computing world has no secrets and who learns quickly, but for a person who is less accustomed to the field, it may be completely different. Another problem is the misunderstanding of cryptocurrency. The majority of people are novices of cryptocurrency even if it has existed for almost 10 years and if it is being discussed in the media. The third major problem with this concept is insecurity. If properly used, cryptocurrency is safer than any other currency. It has to be wisely used, though. A fourth issue has been raised: volatility. We will resolve this issue with PlexBank. For example, you could go to sleep one night and own US$ 100 000.00 in Bitcoin, and wake up the next morning with a balance of US$ 70 000.00. Scary, isn't it?

2.10. Solutions

We simplified PlexCoin's purchase, sale and exchange methods to the maximum. No more need to transfer your cryptocurrency to an exchange platform like Poloniex or Bittrex. You will be able to make all your transactions straight from your PlexWallet. However, if you desire to exchange your PlexCoin for other PlexCoin (PLX) Whitepaper - © PlexCorps 2017 10 of 56 cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum, you must transfer them to an exchange platform or wait for the launch of PlexWallet.

We also resolve the misunderstanding issue by approaching people in a new way. We regularly update our FAQ and we make available a chat service that will be accessible 24/7 when we launch our currency on the market. Moreover, our interfaces are more ergonomic and user-friendly than those of the competition. We cannot afford to take risks in terms of security. Our systems are replicated by a number of servers around the world and your PlexCoin are transferred as of the moment you buy them into your private wallet. PlexCoin's priority is and will always remain your security. Again, this is one of the reasons why we want to remain anonymous. We want to avoid attacks against the company or against its employees. We want to prevent an attack from negatively affecting our strong system structure.

PlexBank will quickly guarantee the value of your cryptocurrency in order to never receive unpleasant surprises. We will get back to this point further in this document.

2.10. Solutions

2.11. Security, our priority Multiple people do not understand the reason why our IT systems are hidden behind a proxy.

A proxy is a computer software component that plays the role of an intermediary between two hosts in order to facilitate or to monitor their exchanges. In the context of computer networks, a proxy is a program that serves as an intermediary to access another network, generally the Internet. By extension, we also call a proxy a device like a server, implemented to ensure the good functioning of such services.

This is carried out to increase your security. We use the renowned services of in order to keep our servers' position secret. This service also avoids possible DDoS attacks and prevents hackers from negatively affecting our good workings.

Many well-known companies such as CISCO, DigitalOcean, Zendesk and Nasdaq use this service.

Abstract of our projects

PlexCorps will eventually comprise multiple products related to the financial field. We will explain briefly them hereunder. A white paper will be published to provide you with further information before the launch of each product.

3.1. PlexCoin
PlexCoin is a cryptocurrency (private Internet monetary currency) that has a value based on the current market. In other words, PlexCoin is an entirely decentralized open code global currency. Your transactions will not be managed or monitored by traditional banking institutions. The users can now anonymously control their own finances.

In comparison with Bitcoin (45 minutes), PlexCoin’s transactions (deposit, withdrawal, purchase, sale, transfer) are confirmed more rapidly (30 seconds) and have enhanced storage efficiency.

PlexCoin’s revolutionary operational structure is safer than that of current cryptocurrencies and is a lot simpler to use.
PlexCoin may be used just like traditional money to pay bills or on the market to buy, sell or exchange for other currencies.
PlexCoin (PLX) Whitepaper - © PlexCorps 2017 17 of 56

3.2. PlexWallet
PlexWallet will be available on PC, on MAC and as a mobile application that you may download from the App store or from Google Apps. PlexWallet will give you the freedom to manage your money, to transfer funds, to buy or sell PlexCoin, to give money to your contacts or to pay your bills. You will also have access to useful options such as a budget tab and a market evaluation tab. You will even have the possibility to configure automatic PlexCoin buying and selling options.

Every transaction made from the PlexWallet will come at no fee! They will be totally safe and immune to prying eyes. It will be possible to use PlexWallet from anywhere in the world. For example, a member may transfer US$ 100 000.00 from Dubai to Paris in a few seconds, without the funds to be frozen and without facing banking beaurocracy issues. PlexWallet will be an essential tool for your financial operations and will include all of our products.

3.3. PlexCard
Revolutionary and unprecedented, PlexCard will be accepted everywhere in the world, regardless of your country’s currency. Your card will adapt to the geographical area in which you are located. PlexCard will be linked to your PlexWallet and to your PlexCoin. When you make a purchase with the card, our system will target the best available exchange rate and will debit your account of the exact PlexCoin amount corresponding to your purchase in order to confirm the transaction.

No more credit limit, no more questions on your transactions. You will be the only one to control your finances. We unceasingly repeat that no person or company will be able to consult your transactions. Therefore, we cannot directly deal with VISA. We thus deal with a sister company that issues VISA cards and that meets our expectations.

There already exist similar cards on the market that displays the VISA logo, that are accepted by VISA terminals, but that are not issued by VISA. Our difference? We will offer options that do not exist yet and provide enhanced security. We will also offer a PlexCoin rewards bonus program on all purchases. Therefore, we do not have a direct agreement with VISA, but we provide credit cards that will be accepted everywhere and that will be directly connected to your PlexCoin. At the time of writing these lines, we are assessing our cards, and the result is definitely up to our expectations

3.4. PlexBank
Here is our most important product; the one that will change the way people perceive and use the current banking system. PlexBank will offer you the possibility to manage all your favourite cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, etc.) in a single place.

Obviously, your PlexCard will also be connected to your bank account to manage payments and to manage received purchase bonuses. The most important PlexBank innovation will be the cryptocurrency securing option. In one click, you might freeze the value of one or more cryptocurrencies from your PlexBank account: even if the value of one of your cryptocurrencies decreases, your own value will remain the same.

Here is an example. You own 100 Ethereum, of a value of US$ 100 each, which equals to a US$ 10 000 total value. You leave on a trip in a few hours and you decide to freeze your asset through PlexBank. When you come back from your vacation, you notice that the Ethereum value has dropped to US$ 60, a loss of US$ 40 per Ethereum. Since you have frozen your asset before you left, you still own a value of US$ 10 000 in your PlexBank account. Therefore, if you unfreeze your money, PlexBank will not deposit 100 Ethereum in your account, it will deposit 166.66 Ehereum, of a total value of US$ 10 000 because of the current cost of the Ethereum This will be one of the options offered by PlexBank. This is something that does not exist at the moment of writing these lines. We are confident about the success of this option.

3.5. PlexCorps
These products are ideas and innovations that stem from PlexCorps. We will work blood, sweat and tears in the next months to develop the financial products that will help you understand cryptocurrencies better and to use them wisely. We are open to any novelty in terms of product offering, but we remain firm regarding our position. Each of our products will always respect these criteria:
- Decentralized;
- Innovative;
- Related to finance;
- User-friendly;
- Private;
- Available to everyone.
An idea that would gather all these criteria would be seriously taken into account, assessed by our team and possibly developed. PlexCorps evaluates its number of employees to almost 100 by the end of 2018, and to almost 300 by the end of 2019.

PlexCorps' products are linked by a strong decentralized authentification structure intended to block attacks from mischievous people and to prevent all types of potential attacks regarding your personal information and your money. Here is a simplified illustration of the general mechanism of the PlexCorps, PlexCoin, PlexBank, Plex Wallet and PlexCard operational structure.

The PlexCoin project

Innovation is terrifying, but cryptocurrency is there for the long haul and to change the world. We already observe this phenomenon.

We notice an increase in the number of companies from different sectors that are taking their first steps towards adopting the blockchain technology. They understand that it is pressing to be ahead of the competition. The principal interest of the sector is shown by technology giants (Microsoft, IBM, Amazon), by Wall Street’s biggest banks (JPMorgan, Citigroup) and by companies that work on products based on the blockchain technology, supporting the financial sector like Infosys, TCS and HCL. R3 was the first blockchain company in the finance industry. Founded in 2014, it now manages a consortium of 70 of the most powerful financial institutions in the world and it works on different projects protected by patents.

Meanwhile, the technological demand related to the blockchain for the financial services sector increases at the global level and mostly in developing countries. Various countries from Latin America, Southeast Asia and Africa issue strict regulations on currency control, and consumers are turning to other solutions rather than to traditional financial institutions.

In terms of entrepreneurship initiatives, a tendency is emerging since the last couple of years. Generally speaking, 2015 was the year in which financial institutions and young financial technologies companies discovered the blockchain. The year 2016 was the one of pilot projects and of the first deployments. If we follow this tendency, we expect that 2017 will be the year when blockchain commercial solutions will go from pilot projects to marketing and large-scale adoption Cryptocurrency transforms the world. It will create an unprecedented positive social impact. You may decide to watch the train go by, or you may take part in a historical moment and support us in this journey.

4.1. The future
PlexCoin's projects and ideas on short, medium and long terms are ambitious and bold. Our priority is to make cryptocurrency accessible to everybody. We must inform people on the operating process of this new technology. We also must reassure people about publications found on the Internet that scorn cryptocurrency. Using PlexCoin is as convivial, if not more, than using a traditional credit card.

Having the possibility to transfer an amount to someone without any delay or fees or make your daily purchases without depending on a bank that controls your money by imposing transaction limits and unreasonable fees is the vision of the future of the financial world of the PlexCorps group and of the PlexCoin cryptocurrency.

Here are some of the cryptocurrency's main advantages:
1. They are currencies that do not depend on central banks.
2. They are created for the Internet. They are tangible alternatives to traditional payment systems. They allow increasing the accessibility to online markets of developing countries.
3. They are transparent. All transactions are public, but the owners and the recipients of these transactions are impossible to trace since they own private addresses.
4. Cryptocurrency cannot be counterfeited or misused. The encryption protocol is also intended to resist to an impressive list of computing attacks, including distributed denial of service attacks.
5. There are no transfer fees. Therefore, these are lower than those of traditional banks and to those of fund transfer companies such as Paypal or Western Union.
6. Funds are rapidly transferred, in seconds or minutes. Bank transfers usually confirm in hours or days.
7. Money transfers can be processed internationally, regardless of the country.
8. There is no maximum or minimum amount allowed or required for transfers. 9. There is no intermediary (bank, depositary). The credit is carried directly to the recipient.
10. Transactions are irreversible. The recipient cannot undergo any transaction cancellation.
11. Any individual and any company may transfer funds.
12. Cryptocurrency storage is remote, on a server or downloaded on a key. PlexCoin (PLX) Whitepaper - © PlexCorps 2017 23 of 56
13. The total amount of money may be capped for some cryptocurrencies, making this kind of currency deflationary (the quantity of money can only decrease over time).

4.2. Our goal
The PlexCorps group focuses on granting its members the total control over their finances and offering them the necessary tools to achieve this goal in a completely safe and decentralized way. Peace of mind based on the confidential management of your finances is within your reach. PlexCorps will ensure you, in a timely manner, an entirely independent way of managing your finances based on the proper functioning of a bank.

4.3. How are we different?
People who are familiar with ICOs and to company funding will quickly notice that PlexCorps do things differently. We do not rely on other ICOs and on their processes. Of course, we often check out other ICOs in order to be aware of the available offers and of the new technologies, but we do not copy them. We noted that some ICOs have identical websites. We even noticed that some images and some team members presented were the same across different companies (we will not name them). We also remarked photographs of totally forged, misleading persons.

Instead of giving wrong information to secure our members, we set the record straight and remain transparent on what we deem important to reveal. If for one reason or another we must narrow down the quantity of information we give away, we will inform you about it as soon as possible and we will provide you with clear explanations as to the reason why we are making such decision. We also are different in terms of proximity to our members. For example, we run a professional Facebook page, which gathers now more than 70 000 followers from all over the world.

This is an unprecedented popularity in an ICO. We target the general public, not only the cryptocurrency experts. We also are very active on our page. A full team is dedicated to answering your questions. We put into place an online chat service on our website and we answer emails within 24 hours. These details make us stand out from other organizations and people talk a lot about us. Talk about us in a good way or talk about us in a bad way, as long as you talk about us, everything’s OK!

Pre-sale (ICO)

This section will inform you of important aspects of the PlexCoin pre-sale, which will be launched for the registered members on August 5, 2017, at 2:00 p.m. GMT. For the people who did not register, the official sale will begin on August 7, 2017, at 3:00 p.m. GMT.

5.1. Why a pre-sale?
An ICO (Initial Coin Offering) pre-sale is an unregulated means of crowdfunding. Early ICO's were for funding development of new cryptocurrency instruments, but modern ICOs serve any purpose.

Generally, tokens are sold to raise money, with token existence and behaviour defined by mathematical contract algorithms. Unlike an initial public offering (IPO), the token acquisition is not regulated by the government, and may or may not grant ownership or other rights in the venture.

In order for PlexCoin to become an international phenomenon and for everyone to talk about it, we had to create a buzz around this pre-sale. The means used to achieve this goal was the percentage of profit attributed (projection) according to the sale level (ROI), an unusual method in the ICO market.

The PlexCoin pre-sale will allow collecting US$ 249 500 000.00. These funds will be used to develop and design PlexCorps’ products. They will also be used to maintain the market. You will find more details on PlexCorps’ budget at number 5.15 of this white paper.

Therefore, we hope to sell all the available PlexCoin (400 000 000.00 PLX) on the pre-sale, and thus make our members benefit from this craze.

5.2. Pre-sale functioning
The pre-sale functioning is very simple. As for all our products, we designed the system so that it would be easily understandable. ICOs are usually complex, not to mention their registration process. People often don’t know what to do or how to do it, and there is usually little to no information on which to rely on. People then give up the process and just go to the next ICO, which turns out to be as complex as the previous one. We solved this puzzle for you. Here are the pre-sale steps to follow:

To register to the PlexCoin pre-sale, click on the "Registration" tab, accessible via the website menu and enter an email address in the appropriate field.

In the following 15 seconds, the registration management system will send a validation message to the member’s email address. The member must consult the received email and click on the "Confirm my email address" button for our system to confirm that the emails will be sent to the correct location.

The system will then ask to provide a password, preferably a complex one so that nobody can guess it. This password will allow access to the money; it is then recommended to avoid common ones.

Once this step is finished, the registration process is completed and the member is on the waiting list.
The purchase time
The system will assign a purchase time according to the member’s position on the waiting list. In order to avoid overloading our servers, we will grant access to the pre-sale to 2 000 people per hour. These people are categorized according to the date and time at which they registered to the pre-sale in order to respect the priority.

The purchase time will be displayed according to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), also known as "Hour 0" on the client access. The time and date are displayed at the top of the client access screen. A countdown will also be displayed. The ladder will outline the remaining time before the sale period.

The pre-sale
One hour before the exact sale time, a reminder email will be sent. It will explain the simple procedure to buy PlexCoin. Members must be ready when the moment comes; they must have their payment method at hand and be connected at the right time to enjoy the best prices before PlexCoins are all sold at each level.

PlexCoin management
Once PlexCoin are purchased, the transaction will be displayed on the client access. It will be possible to make other transactions after an initial purchase. One might buy more PlexCoin until they are all sold.

Important tools will be at the reach of the members on the client access. Here are some of them:
 The number of available PlexCoin
 The number of buyers
 PlexCoin’s current price
 PlexCoin’s current value
 The wallet’s value
 The detailed transactions list
 Referencing information
 The current sale level
 The pre-sale end date
With this information, the members will have an overall idea of the situation and of the pre-sale performance.

End of the pre-sale
When the pre-sale ends, it will not be possible to buy PlexCoin from your PlexWallet anymore, even if all the PlexCoin are not sold.

The remaining PlexCoin will be added to the wallet that is strictly reserved to the bonus issued to the PlexCard users.

It will then be possible to transfer PlexCoin in private Ethereum wallets or to leave them in the PlexWallet while waiting for the official, complete PlexWallet launch, as of Q4 2017.

5.3 The calculator
On PlexCoin’s website, you will find a section called "Calculator". This tool is designed to give you an idea of the potential of our cryptocurrency. The tool will ask you which currency will be used for the PlexCoin purchase. Note that these currencies are updated every 5 seconds according to the current global value, to give you the most precise numbers possible.

Once you have chosen a currency, you may use the tool to display the amount that you wish to spend on PlexCoin. Please keep in mind that this tool relies on the possibility that you bought PlexCoin at the price of US$ 0.13 per unit and on the possibility that the 400 million available PlexCoin are sold during the pre-sale. The profit percentage decreases considerably at each sale level. We explain this fact with this passage:

This calculation tool relies on the pricing scale of the first sale level, which will be activated on the pre-sale launch (US$ 0.13 per unit). The evaluated value (US$ 1.76 per unit) relies on the possibility that all of the PlexCoin are sold within the pre-sale period. If this is the case, your initial purchase will be multiplied by You also have the "I want to invest more" option, at the bottom of the calculator. By clicking on this button, the numbers displayed on the calculator will increase by x100.

5.4 Return on investment
The return on investment (ROI) is the projected gain on your PlexCoin purchase,
considering that you must sell your PlexCoin to receive your money.
Here are the expected returns on investment, relying on the possibility that all PlexCoin are sold during the pre-sale:
- Sale level 1: ROI after 29 days or less: 1 354%
- Sale level 2: ROI after 29 days or less: 629%
- Sale level 3: ROI after 29 days or less: 332%
- Sale level 4: ROI after 29 days or less: 200%
These numbers might seem enormous, but they are real. For comparison purposes, hereunder are shown some ROI examples from previous ICOs:

- Bitcoin: 1 887.36%
- Ethereum: 7 951.36%
- Ripple: 3 005.48%
- Litecoin: 938.46%
- Dash: 88 736.89%
- Monero: 1 539.95%

We are rather conservative in these comparisons. This information is displayed only to show to novice people that cryptocurrency's value is ever growing. This growth is principally generated by the craze around cryptocurrency and by the products that the companies offer in order to maintain the value of its money. PlexCoin (PLX) Whitepaper - © PlexCorps 2017 38 of 56 Please understand that the return on investment relies on the eventuality that all Pexcoin are sold during the pre-sale. If not, you may consult the value according to the number of available PlexCoin on our calculation tool.

5.5. Payment methods
During pre-sale, multiple payment methods will be accepted:
- Credit card (VISA, Mastercard, AMEX, Debit, etc.)
- PayPal
- Bitcoin
- Ethereum
- Litecoin
- QR code* payment at an affiliated ATM
* In your PlexWallet, you will find a "QR Code" button, which will display your Bitcoin wallet's address in the form of a code, so you can go to a cryptocurrency affiliated ATM and deposit cash to exchange it for PlexCoin.

Denied payment methods during the pre-sale:
- Payoneer
- Cheque
- Transfer
- Any other payment platform (except PayPal)

6.1. Abstract

PlexCorps’ and its products’ revenues will only come from PlexBank, which will be launched at the end of 2018. We want to reduce to a minimum the fees paid by our members so we can increase the number of people who use and appreciate our products and our cryptocurrency to the maximum.

PlexCoin will profit from the PlexCoin sale and from the purchase of these. The company will then offer this profit to its members after the pre-sale. If clients wish to buy PlexCoin (if any still available) after the pre-sale, they will pay a price 2% higher than the current PlexCoin value. A member who wants to sell PlexCoin after the pre-sale will be able to do it directly with PlexCoin from the client access at a price 2% lower than the current PlexCoin value.

PlexBank will offer special accounts to the members, with established monthly fees and interesting investment benefits thanks to our "freeze cryptocurrency value" service, an option that is not available elsewhere.

From a conservative standpoint, we estimate that, on average, a member who uses all of PlexCoorps’ services will bring a yearly profit of US$ 1 100 in the fifth year.

Since January 2017, Ethereum and the cryptocurrency market increased their value of almost 300 000% yearly (6.7 times per three months). We do not believe that this increase will last for a long time, but the market will stabilize over a few years.

It is time to take advantage of the buzz around cryptocurrency and to use its services. Do not forget that, at the very beginning, the Bitcoin sold at less than US$ 0.03 per unit and that now, it sells at more than US$ 3 000: a phenomenal increase of 10 000 000%.

Hereunder you will find our conservative financial forecast, as well as the optimistic one, for the five years to come.
The major part of the company’s profits will come from the PlexCard purchases. When members will use their credit card to make a purchase, the PlexCoin system will "buy" the exact amount of necessary PlexCoin to pay for the transaction in the currency of the member’s choice. The purchase will be made at the amount of the current PlexCoin value minus 2%. These PlexCoin will then return on the market, sold at the current price.

This 2% revenue per transaction ensures great profitability. By proceeding this way, we will be able to guarantee a profit margin during the pre-sale to our founding members.

The purchase fees are subject to change. They will be reviewed at the PlexCard launch. The details will be explained in the project’s white paper.

6.2. Financial forecast – Conservative
To estimate the numbers of the conservative forecast, we considered that 50% of the PlexCoin would be sold in the pre-sale and that the number of members would increase by 25% yearly.

6.3. Financial forecast – Optimistic
Here is the optimistic forecast. We considered that the totality of the PlexCoin would be sold through the pre-sale and that the number of members would increase by 230% yearly, for five years. We also added to this hypothesis that all our projects would be delivered and functional by the established deadlines.


We hope that this white paper allowed you to get a grasp of PlexCorps’ mission and the company’s products. We also hope to have answered every question you might have had.

We attempted to explain each point in a clear way, without exaggerating on the document’s length. Should you have any interrogation, please communicate with our client service team at

7.1. PlexCorps’ projects roadmap
Q3 - 2016 Research and analysis
Q1 - 2017 PlexCoin development
3 July 2017 PlexCoin pre-sale registration
8 August 2017 PlexCoin pre-sale launch
12 September 2017 PlexCoin official launch
Q4 - 2017 PlexWallet application launch
Q1 - 2018 PlexCard launch
Q3 - 2018 PlexBank project presentation
Q2 - 2019 PlexBank operations launch
Q1 - 2020 PlexBank opening to the public
The dates of this table are subject to change. They are approximative and may depend on many factors that might cause delays or an early launch.

7.2. Official pages links
Internet: Facebook: PlexCoin
Internet: Facebook: PlexWallet
Internet: Facebook: PlexCard
Internet: Facebook: PlexBank
Internet: Facebook:

7.3. Reference links
Most of our reference links lead people towards French pages. You may change the language to English directly on the websites, if needed.

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