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Aimed at revolutionizing the way students make a living and gain occupational experience while still studying. bitJob will give students the opportunity to receive immediate payment for their abilities from professional employers and to sharpen their skills while enriching their dynamic résumé, anytime & anywhere!

Team Connections

Dror Medalion, is Lead Project Manager, SAP Business One & ERP Consultant at Complete Business Solutions and Bogdan Fiedur, is President at Softfornet Solutions Ltd.

Dror Medalion

CEO & Co-Founder

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CTO & Co-Founder

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Community Manager- Asia

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Recruitment Strategist

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bitJob will deploy blockchain technology in the global student community. Blockchain technolo-gy has the potential to disrupt & overcome all boundaries, but we all understand that smart educa-tion of consumers is necessary in order for this to happen. Promot-ing the education needed to im-plement decentralization and freedom of choice begins today, through the next generation of the labor market.

1. Introduction

1.1. bitiob is the first freelancing platform that will be a hybrid of two architectural paradigms. • Centralized client server architecture, which is used in the majority of online applications. • Decentralized version of client server architecture that uses blockchain technology. The purpose of this is to speed up and improve the adoption of both the idea in the crowdfunding phase and the platform by users. Although a decentralized paradigm is the ultimate goal, slow adoption of blockchain technologies should be temporarily substituted by solutions that are familiar and acceptable to an average internet user. Internet users today expect online services to be fast, with intuitive interfaces that are accessible via mobile devices. This dictates our approach which provides two technologies at the same time. With the adoption of the platform and new developments in blockchain technologies, users are seamlessly being switched to more decentralized solutions. Once users are familiar with the platform and the adoption of it is satis-factory, users will be encouraged to interact through the blockchain section, which allows them to pay for services with cryptocurrency and through minting of cryptocurrency.

1.2. Investment in the project in the initial phase will be enabled through two vehicles.

Regular crowdfunding, accepting fiat currencies.
Contributors Campaigns, where tokens will be purchased with cryptocurrencies. This will require that business will exists as two entities from the legal point of view. BitJob will facilitate the providing of freelancing services through an online platform. Participants offering a service (most often one which can bedelivered online) will register with the system (as`service providers') and offer their availability to do work in a domain which is categorized by the platform. Participants seeking certain services will register as 'service consumers and will either contact 'service providers through the search function, or will enter a request for service which can be found by 'service providers'. Bidding on services and setting request for services will give participants the ability to interact and find mutual agreements regardless what demand and supply is available.

The platform will provide mechanism to ensure that, upon agreement, sufficient money is kept in escrow so the service provider is always paid unless thereare issues with their providing of the service, in which case the platform will offer conflict resolution methods. Users will be able to rate each other, to frivolous or unreasonable ratings can't continue for any significant length of time. Users who collect negative ratings might be subjected to higher fees.

1.4. bitJob User Signup & Authenticity process
bitJob as an Hybrid platform holds several blockchain based features. Ethereum allowed us to build thisgreatapplication that removesthe need to blindly trust server administrators.Thanksto its transparent properties, we now have strong Authentication, Identi- ty, Verifiability, Voting, Reputation and micro-transactions for our Payments and affiliates fees distribution.

In the sketch below , we've decided to clarify the User Sign-up process which holds different aspects of authentications.

• biting Student (Identify Requester) - At this stage, the Requester (Student) will fill in the needed Data at the bitJob UI application. The UI Application will make sure the Student is a legit entity. By analyzing the supplied data as a Proof of ownership.

• bitJob User UI Application - a Proof of identify will be sent from the UI Application to the Students members list Storage (This will be the Student ID Number). The Storage will then return the UI Application an approval for the Authenticated Data.

• Students Members list/ Identify Partner (Univershies) -The ID's Storage will be held on the Blockchain. And each new update from the Universities will be stored and sent there asText keys.

• slockchain Data cheth-This stage will makesure the authenticity of the Students ID's, Own- ership and Validity, Comparing the data to the Blockchain ledger will give the user a 100% Verifiability for his ID.

1.5. bitjob Mission
We fell in love with blockchain in 2011, upon first acquaintance with and investment in Bitcoin. When Ethereum came into the world, we realized that this was what we were waiting for. The idea of bitJob emerged in our time as students, while we were enjoying the lawns of the faculty meetings—and needing some quick money. After we graduated and dove into the labor market, we were faced with a most painful problem, one that is not addressed appropriately: students finish their degrees and begin their careers with zero experience, after spending their time in jobs that do not contribute to their professional résumés.

As executives, we have encountered with another obvious need: employers find it difficult to hire quality temporary workers that fit the budget —and most of them (80%) fail in recruiting students. Our solution is to connect students with employers for small jobs online, so they can continue to specialize in their relevant profession.

For us, as entrepreneurs who want to influence the world, helping students and promoting blockchain technology—this is the realization of our dream.

1.6. bitJob flow
It is very simple: a student looking to provide services online connects to the marketplace, chooses from the list of professional jobs for relevant work provides quality delivery, and receives immediate payment of his choice, in cryptocurrency or fiat money. The student will build a reputation and be able to present his work in a Dynamic Portfolio Resume (DPR) connected to his/her own'namesite!The DPR website will revolutionize the way HR recruit students and graduates by relying on evidence of their demonstrated abilities, rather on their Linkedln profile or the ancient (and current) version of resurne,from previous decades.

1.7. Students & Employers recruitment
We built a fantastic affiliate program that will strengthen the relationship between bittob and the students: students' unions will receive a commission from each transaction their students engage in. We have launched pilot agreements with leading student associations in Israel, in addition to a number of employers who were more than happy to participate. We are also negotiating with several leading job search engines to ensure a continuous flow of quality jobs.

• A cryptocurrency crowdfunding campaign is possible when building a decentralized system. Additional funding can be obtained through communities associated with cryptocurrencies. Although it's not implemented in the STU Token model, The concept of mining is strictly related to the blockchain. Through the mining process, with either proof of stake or proof of tioned, This is not part of the STU token model but will be discussed and determined in the future and may be deployed upon additional token creation.

• There is no need to create a legal entity if someone wants to reach markets in other coun- tries. E.g., China has the largest participation in Bitcoin/Ethereum mining and has the largest crypto exchange market. India has relatively good awareness of Bitcoin due to limited banking. The platform can function in those countries without a legal presence in those banking. The platform can function in those countries without a legal presence in those countries because cryptocurrencies have no such regulations or requirements.

3. bitJob Primary Token (STU) & crowdfunding campaign emission
3.1. Why should bitJob have a unique Token?
Theoretically, bitJob can manage all the transactions on the platform in Ether, Bitcoin or other (appcoin)?

An important question indeed) today there is already a wide variety of cryptocurrencies traded on exchanges and we expect a significant flow of ventures issuing app coins themselves, a real haystack.

Our main reasons for issuing bitlob • It is important to maintain unified standards and to inspire confidence in our users, includ- ing affiliates like the respectable National Students' Unions.

• Creating an incentive for the new users to sign in, a win-win scenario, and we cannot do it using Ether. Great giants like PayPal used the same strategy in their first years and we look up to the best. With our business model backed up by market studies, we expect massive demand by the student community and need to reserve our compensation options for well-designed global expansion.

• Subscriptions payments and bitlob Entity Management (13.1E.M) facilitation. A successful funding will speed up bitlob full product development.

• Ventures need funding in order to get the chance to make an impact, maybe even to change the world. Using the Ethereum blockchain, the unique CrowdFund / CryptocurrencyContrib- users Campaigns structure opens up new opportunities for startups like bitlob to create exciting new revenue streams woven into the hybrid marketplace, for the benefit of student unions and blockchain communities.

We dearly value our contributors and understand that funding bitlob means believing in bitlob's concept and bitlob product delivery by its team.

3.2. The bitJob primary token is a core element of the bitJob network, and it is designed with consideration of future network growth.

STIJ is initially created during the crowdfunding phase of the project and it will be attributed various functions within project

. Payments from service consumers to service providers will be implemented through these tokens in addition to through standard fiat payments via platforms like PayPal. • Developers, founders, and crypto-growth investors will also be receiving their rewards and remuneration in these tokens.

• Certain external services can be paid through these tokens.
• Affiliates sending referrals will be offered commission in these tokens. Users: Ownership and subsequent locking of certain number (e.g. 5000 coins when purchased during bitJob Contributors Campaigns) of tokens exempts users from all future bitJob economy fees. Tokens are used as proof of stake, to determine how much voting power each user has regarding the future of the platform. Members can be offered interests

• like rewards in the form of newly minted tokens.
Evangelist Receive rewards for introducing bitJob to new educational organizations. Fixed bonus after certain number of members register from the educational organization and actively use the sys Page 17 / 27 0 +