Symbol ISR
Token sale opening date 30. May 2018
Token sale closing date 30. Jun 2018
Concept They are bridging the technology gap between insurance, 3rd party player, and user. Using the Insureum Protocol, insurers get the data they need to created better policies. Developers and other third parties are incentivized to connect their apps and services to the Insureum Protocol. And policyholders are rewarded for sharing their anonymized data. With this ecosystem, these parties can exchange blockchain based tokens (Insureum) to buy and sell 100% anonymized data. Using blockchain to securely send this information between all parties, and to build new insurance policies will save the insurance industry millions every year.


Members Ted Kim – Co-founder/CTO & Co-CEO

David Suh – Co-founder/CFO & co-CEO

Thomas Choi – Lead blockchain developer

Ziggy Bak – Growth hacking/Director

Jay Kim – Senior Developer

Andrew Seo – Sales Director

Michael Ahn – Marketing Manager

Peter Han – Junior blockchain developer

Hayden Lee – Senior Graphic Designer

Victoria Shangina – Graphic Designer/Jr. Developer

Newt Choi – Customer service Manager

Donna Lee – Financial Administrator


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