KexCoin Raising £85 Million Through Initial Coin Offering
Supported By Kexgill, An Award Winning British Student Accommodation Company

Hull, East Yorkshire, United Kingdom – September 13, 2017: The KexCoin ICO is taking place
from 9/15/2017 to 10/14/2017. This marks a golden opportunity for the public to purchase
tokens backed by a 39-year- old award winning accommodation provider.

Simon Lee, KexCoin Founder, explains the vision behind the project:
“Our vision is to dramatically speed up the process of raising money to purchase student
investment properties. Through the limited sale of KexCoins, listed on the BitShares network,
participants from all around the world will be able to participate. Raising money via a token sale
means we will be able to purchase investment properties debt free with no liability to financial
institutions. This new model is a direct challenge to the legacy of commercial control of
traditional financial institutions, opening exciting new opportunities and bringing crypto to the

By renting properties to university students, the portfolio will generate income. KexCoin tokens
will derive their value from a commitment to buy back tokens using 50% of net profits generated
from this income. The tokens bought back will then be burned – meaning KexCoin holders will
get an increasingly scarce digital asset, driving up the value as a result. The remaining 50% of
net profits will then be reinvested in further real estate assets in order to grow the portfolio and
increase profits further. They anticipate returning over £990M to token holders over the next 30
years, more details on that can be found here.

Kexcoin tokens on the blockchain and as a digital asset, will provide a real world use case in the
acceptance of rental payments for all Kexcoin and Kexgill group properties. Through further
adoption from other service providers further liquidity will be provided to the market.

The Kexgill group responsible for bringing the ICO to market has over £120 million in real estate
assets and confirms there is a strong potential for great profits to come out of what is being
offered. The European firm, which focuses extensively on University accommodations for
students, has grown 70X over the past 30 years. The firm focuses on relationships with
universities and strong purchase strategies that are carefully analyzed and reviewed.

Additional information on the ICO can be found online at This includes full
information from a whitepaper prepared by the organization to give clients a clear idea of how
well the program will work.

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