ICO Summit

Conference​ ​to​ ​discuss​ ​how​ ​Switzerland​ ​will​ ​lead​ ​the​ ​world​ ​in​ ​ICOs​ ​to​ ​be​ ​held
this​ ​week

Delegates discuss whether Switzerland, with its history of secure and discreet private
banking, is set to become the global crypto finance capital

ZUG,​ ​SWITZERLAND​ ​(8​ ​September,​ ​2017)​ – The ICO Summit on 15 September, an event
hosted by and featuring SMART VALOR, a Blockchain startup set to reinvent private
banking, is set to establish Switzerland as a center for crypto banking.

The event, which boasts a colourful programme consisting of workshops, keynotes and
panel discussions, is set to bring together some of the biggest disruptors in crypto funding to
share their experience and best practice for successful ICO execution.

The conference, which takes place on 15 September in Zurich, will open with a keynote from
William Mougayar, one of the key thought leaders in the crypto financing field and also a
researcher and an investor in the Bitcoin and Blockchain space. There will also be a pitch
session, for which the most promising startups will be selected to share their ideas.

SMART VALOR CEO, Olga Feldmeier, will be hosting a morning presentation on Swiss
Finance in Transition, discussing Switzerland’s potential to become a global crypto finance
capital. As one of the major figures in bringing about the first significant regulatory case
licensing of crypto currency custodian (Xapo), Feldmeier is well placed to comment on the
changing finance industry. Feldmeier will also join an afternoon panel discussion on the
Investor Journey: From Bitcoin to VC, alongside Richard Muirhead, General Partner at Open
Ocean, and Eric van der Kleij, CEO at the Centre for Digital Revolution.

“We’re excited to be attending The ICO Summit alongside so many other innovative
companies in the Blockchain industry,” says Feldmeier. “SMART VALOR’s mission is
ultimately to make investment accessible via its Blockchain-based decentralised network,
which enables users to create and distribute tokenized investments. The ICO Summit is set
to come as one of the first truly global crypto events in Switzerland, and we’re looking
forward to sharing this with the wider crypto community.”

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Press​ ​enquiries:
Helen Frear, Account Manager at Clarity PR: / 07910875303
Ashley Norris, Associate Director at Clarity PR: / 07900244815

About​ ​SMART​ ​VALOR:
SMART VALOR is a Blockchain startup set to reinvent private banking. The SMART VALOR
platform provides a decentralised network in which asset issuers can create and distribute
tokenized investment solutions, enabling investors to easily access a broad variety of liquid

Building on the Swiss legal framework, SMART VALOR aims to combine the privacy and
security of a leading private bank with the accessibility and diversity of the Blockchain-based
open network.

About​ ​The​ ​ICO​ ​Summit
The ICO Summit is an inaugural conference dedicated to crowdfunding in the Blockchain
space. Founded in the Swiss Crypto Valley by Olga Feldmeier, CEO of SMART VALOR, the
event aims to bringing together global crypto investors and promising Blockchain startups in
an intimate format. For more information on the event, please visit

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