Teleportation: Who needs Public Transport in Cyberspace?

  • by Jon NEVERDIE Jacobs
  • August 23, 2017
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As the ICO Fever temperature continues to rise, one of the greatest challenges we face is to ascertain the viability of a project. The sex appeal of virtual real estate has been established over the last decade in a large part due to the numerous Guinness world record breaking sales orchestrated by NEVERDIE. But, while the temptation is there to sell feverish investors land plots on a decentralized Moon. We at NEVERDIE have decided to first implement a gamified public transport system, to create a solid foundation for decentralized virtual worlds that will drive the peer to peer virtual goods economy and support $0.25 cents per hour minimum wage, for Gamers. This will in turn foster a symbiotic relationship between gamers and developers in which all parties are able to monetize their time. The expansion of the railroad across America led to exponential growth in the population and economy. The Teleport token along with the NEVERDIE Coin will create the infrastructure necessary to fuel a trillion-dollar virtual goods economy by providing an inclusive public transport system to existing MMORPG’s and the first generation of decentralized virtual worlds on the Blockchain.

For the layman though, the concept of Public Transport in cyberspace remains tough to comprehend, like much of the verbiage in White Papers.  It won’t really sink in until you find yourself playing a game or exploring a world and you suddenly need to hop from one area to another or even switch games, but you can’t unless you have a Teleport token in your wallet. If you are in a hurry and money is no object, you might then open a browser and quickly buy one from a crypto exchange or alternatively shout out in the game chat “Buying Teleport Token!” at which time a dozen people will respond with competing prices for tokens they have earned, Looted, mined or won in e-sports events. At which time You will begin to appreciate how The Teleportation system drives the player to player economy and breathes life into virtual worlds, but what would really get you over the learning hump, would be if you had no money to buy a token from another player or a crypto exchange, but you discovered that you could actually make a few tokens yourself simply by playing well for an hour or so and trading items with other players, at that point you might truly appreciate the beauty of a gamified Public Transport system.

The Teleport token ICO ends on September 1st and everyone who purchases 1 Eth or more will receive a Free VR Gold coin bonus to feed their ICO Fever and provide them with the opportunity to bid on some virtual real estate in a decentralized AmeVRica.

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Jon Jacobs is an English actor, entrepreneur, director, producer, writer, and creator of the avatar Neverdie, which is frequently stylised NEVERDIE, from the virtual world Entropia Universe that Reuters described as "a legendary adventurer, celebrity, and fabulously wealthy entrepreneur in the online world of Entropia". The Associated Press described Neverdie as an "Internet icon.